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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by kanenite95, Jun 19, 2012.

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  1. If you dare
  2. Why don't you like charlie marlin
  3. How long did you watch the George Carlin video before the butthurt was too much to handle?
  4. Do you still believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny, or do you limit your fictional character beliefs to strictly religious figures?
  5. who is Charlie Marlin? and obviously you don't understand first impressions, you show me a video that sucks and expect to go and look at more of his stuff. Show me something funny and maybe my opinion will change, until then shut the fuck up and go watch your shitty "comedy"
  6. Do you masturbate to a picture of me?
  7. I meant George Carlin lmao
  8. were you born a dumbass or is that just because you live in California?
  9. Do you prefer to have educated opinions, or is talking out your ass a specialty you reserve for the forums?
  10. all day err day


    why do you care so much
  11. /me tells @[Farooq] no. I'm the good looking one in our group. Although I do respect you.
  12. .........DAMN
  13. I'll ask the questions around here dick head.

  14. There you go, not hilarious but completely on point. I don't care about your opinion, i just dont respect people who don't deserve to have one based on the fact they have no idea. Your opinion on Carlin = Randy Savage and BLFFL's opinions on KellyKelly, no basis just a shot in the dark.
  15. How's that ignore list going for you pal

  16. This one is more on topic for this part of the forum.
  17. Again, I'll ask the questions in the 'Ask Kaneite95 questions' thread. If I wanted you asking me questions I'd make a 'Ask me questions if your IQ is below 30' thread

    you knew this thread would just result in you getting trolled because let's face it, you are a dumb ass and a terrible user and nobody cares about your opinion on anything.
  18. /me explains how the other half of the rock and sock connection is the GOAT of comedy.


    @[Seabs] @[Crayo]
  20. Ok i watched the videos and they're not funny. There you go now stfu


    Bye Dolph
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