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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Star Lord, Dec 18, 2013.

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  1. Totally stealing Stop's thread but whatever, Ask me some questions as it entertains me.
  2. Top 5 TV shows ever go go go
  3. No order and I don't watch much TV

    Workaholics, Friends, Simpsons (seasons 1-10), Breaking Bad and South Park.
  4. Top 5 Eminem's songs
  5. 1. Lose Yourself
    2. Without Me
    3. Stan
    4. Mockingbird
    5. Till I Collapse/Headlights
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  6. Favourite food/drink
  7. If you had £1m what would you do with it
  8. Why do you watch Workaholics
  9. lose yourself? come on man. no song with the line about mom's spaghetti being vomited all over yourself is the GOAT Eminem song

    No infinite? instant fail

    man, you have terrible taste in Eminem no offense
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  10. Never heard Infinite, was only linked it last night. Its personal opinion tbh.
  11. Homemade lasagne and Irn Bru.

    Buy some tech shit, new house, trip around the world.

    Cause its good
  12. Homemade lasagne is boss, got irn bru right now. u mad

    who fav character in workaholics
  13. I am mad.

  14. rly? blake? adam > all
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  15. What does Blake even bring to the table?
  16. ADAM!

  17. 2young4drugs. Hows training going champ?
  18. Fine I guess, My trainer said I have a lot of charisma and character work just need to work on my bumps.
  19. Why do you keep standing up?
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