Ask Rain Questions.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Snowman, Jun 20, 2012.

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  1. Hey, everyone's doing it, so why not?

  2. Is that you in the avatar?
  3. When you mean change, do you mean change your clothes?
  4. Are you a cool nigga? @[The Rock*] @[Rainman]
  5. Yo :dawg: Rainman, what's happening in our hometown these days boy?
  6. on a scale of 1 to Godzilla, how god damn good am I?
  7. How come Peter Griffin so fat?
  8. I honestly don't know anything personal about you. Care to spill some details?
  9. How did you find the forums again?
  10. what made you choose your username :emoji_grin:
  11. :okay:

    Clearly. Oddly enough, I wear a long-haired wig during the Raw discussion half the time. It looks cool, but it so itchy and irritating...

    (Sarcastic answer) Clothes? What are clothes?

    (Real answer) Since I usually stay in the wrestling sections, that picture is pretty symbolic of my character on here.


    Nothing much bro! You know how it's like over in Knoxville! Everyone's just counting the days until August 31st. The weather's nice, it's all 70 degrees and really sunny, but that's so boring... So I've been sitting on the front porch trying to make it rain, but I don't make enough money to do that. Damn bills.

    Hmm... You know that alien from Men In Black 2? You're him.,r:2,s:0,i:150

    What do you want to know?

    I... Don't remember, lol. It's become my second home though. People actually respect me in here, it's a really odd feeling. :foreveralone:

    I was using a shortened version of my real name before for some reason, so Rainman's similar and pronouncable. I've been wanting to change it again, but don't want to be yet another guy on here who changes there name every 5 seconds and nobody can tell who dafuq they are.
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  12. Who did you sell your soul to, and when was the last time you were wrong about something here? Rainman is a very proper term brah.
  13. From what I heard, Rainman was very fitting of my little character on here, with no real personality in the locker room but a know-it-all attitude in the WS. Sell your soul... wha?
  14. ...Rainman also is a reference to the movie/eminem and jay-z on conspiracies on celebrities who have sold their soul to the devil. Just a ha ha joke.
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  15. What will A Double choose this Thursday? He said something about option C...
  16. I dunno, maybe the basic info? :emoji_grinning:
  17. One I've been meaning to ask for a while actually. Is that name about the illuminati guy?
  18. When are you coming back to commentary? Jerry won't shut the fuck up.

    Who's your favorite wrestler in Impact Wrestling?
  19. Hmm... I'm a guy from Knoxville, Craigslist reseller, single, has weird views upon the world... What's basic stuff? Lol.

    Didn't know there were so many confusing meanings for that :urm:
    Sorry guys. I should change that...

    What? I is confused...

    It's very difficult, but it's gotta be Aries.
  20. What's your meaning for it ? I only know about that illuminati cause of Ziggles by the way lol.
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