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  1. I'm bored, seriously bored, so thought I would make a thread where users can ask about WWE Forums history. Okay I admit our history is still rather short, but a year is still quite a while.

    Here are old pictures of WF:

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    And here's a screenshot of Xanth and I not actually acting professional:

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    Shocker I know. Anyway, ask away. Quite a few of the users have stuck around from those times, so I'm hoping they can chip in with some WF history as well.
  2. What sound was played the moment Seabs registered?
  3. No sound, but he was our first active member and helped me keep it alive in the beginning, crucial part of WF history.
  4. Did Xanth lose weight during his time here?
  5. No, he gained it.
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  6. If you had to name 5 members who made you keep the site going and not give in, who would they be.
  7. 200,000 posts:

    300,000 posts:

    374,000 posts:


    Crayo loves Randy:

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  8. Have you got a target amount of members/posts by the end of the year and if so, what amount?
  9. People would expect me to put Xanth, but he told me to not even launch WWE forums as it was "destined to fail", so no. Motivation to keep it going? I guess Seabs, yourself, Neil Thorn and CM Punk I guess. They were the early posters that kept the site active iirc, I might be missing someone.

    Going to change it to top 5 who have helped it grow from the start.

    In no particular order:

    -Big Hoss

    Don't think I have a 5th. I guess the early posters like yourself can all come together as the 5th.

    Nope, I don't give myself targets.
  10. Crayo - 384,032
    Xanth - 0
  11. Why do you always say CM Punk I guess?
  12. You hate on me too much, it feels weird complimenting you. Plus I never remember when you were active and when you went on your random hiatuses.
  13. True :true:

    I was always here. :pity1:
  14. I never think of Punk as being here from the beginning. I simply don't remember you posting.
  15. I didn't post much. :sad1:
  16. I remember it oppositely. I remember PM'ing him on HF because of his username and I remember him almost instantly signing up and posting. Neil Thorn was a huge poster though, lots of credit to him too.
  17. I was already on the site. :facepalm:
  18. I still PM'd you :please:
  19. Do you think this forum can make it to 5 years? What is your relationship with Gogan and Xanth and who do you like more?
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