Ask the GOAT anything.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by seabs, Jul 30, 2012.

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  1. Acailler brought this back in the Showoff section, so we'll have one here. Ask the wweforums greatest of all time anything.

    Proof I am indeed the GOAT :

  2. Real GOAT is here. You may now ask me whatever you like
  3. Hey, Stopspot, why do you let Seabs and Jose run the group?? You know, since you're the GOAT.
  4. Aids: I believe in children learning by doing.
  5. And this badass is training two GOATS.
  6. NWO has the 3 GOATs with myself Rain and Testify. Aids and GN are well on there way to reaching that status.

    Seabs is just a wannabe.
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  7. Make it 3.
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  9. Look at the beard on that goat. :haha:
  10. :obama::obama::obama:

  11. and then this asshole comes back.
  12. Remove GZILLA and MikeDawt and we actually have a thread for the GOATs here. Me, HDZ, Aids, Stop and Testify. :obama:
  13. :lol1: i'm breaking up this orgy.
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