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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Idiot #1, Apr 29, 2014.

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  1. I have gotten a lot of questions lately, so I will field them in this thread.

    Can be anything, advice on the old fanny, or anything you want to know about me.

    Anything you like lads, no trolls
  2. Best way to make a lady weak at the knees?
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  3. How amusing do you find all the rage comments you're given?
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  4. Do you prefer Hershey's or Crunch?
  5. take charge

    take her to the local boozer, get wasted in front of her, make sure you control the conversation and only talk about stuff you like. Women want a challenge not a arstsy farsy type who talks about feelings or his materialistic career.

    just turn up jaded as fuck, and talk for hours about stuff like NIN and the idioutsyncricies of John Cena.
  6. just find them annoying lad, people need to be mre open to suggestion

    that nero lad is a sad case, probably bullied into the ground at school
  7. no troll questions lad, dont have a clue what you are asking

    ask me something like is orton the best or the greatest
  8. Precisely when in your opinion did WWE drop the ball with Orton?
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  9. I think he says 2003 or 2005...
  10. It isn't a troll. Want me to ask you a good question?

    Shane Douglas or Dean Douglas?
  11. 2005 when they fucked up and ave Batista his spot, they could have had a better version of the rock

    2007 when they ruined the business at SS 2007

    2009 when they booked his feud with HHH to shit, when he was becoming as good as Austin at his peak

    2010 when he was the best babyface and fast becoming the next Austin
  12. friverlous question
  13. You obviously won't answer anything i ask you so see ya.
  14. What's with your name? Seriously asking cause I have no clue.
  15. You say quite often that people need to be open-minded or more open to suggestion, is there any reason why you are not open to other people's suggestions?

    This is not a troll question, just trying to figure out why you are so set in your ways yet expect others to change. I hope you surprise me and actually answer it.
  16. What beer should I drink to be more manly?
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  17. same as my username

    dont be paticular just ask for larger, dont talk about brands thats what women do with their cloths

    i am open to any suggestion lad

    but i am not willing to go back on my views which i have had since 2003, i have yet to see a better alternatve to what we had back on those great times
  18. So you're real, full name is also you're username? K
  19. I don't even school, what are you even
  20. In other news, were you born stupid or were you traumatically affected in some way to influence your stupidity?