#AskRobbie - Week 1: What is the most important quality as a wrestler? More!

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    Question 1 QUESTION OF THE WEEK!: Mr. DRG @MrDRG_WIR asks: “Robbie, who do you credit as being your motivation to get into the wrestling Industry.”


    Robbie: I credit my parents, they were always supportive and they paid for my wrestling school tuition.

    Question 2:
    Mr. Entertainment @MrEnt92 asks “After losing to Jessie Godderz at #Slammiversary, do The Bro’s continue?”


    Robbie: I didn’t lose. I won. Felt great!!!

    Question 3: Isabel @insomiatic asks: What is your favorite move to do in the ring?”


    Robbie: My new finisher. Which is an inverted DDT.

    Question 4: Hunter Dillon @HunterDillon19 asks: Who is your favorite wrestler to work against?


    Robbie: I am challenged by many wrestlers. Some bring out the best in me. Those include Bobby Roode, Eric Young and Jessie Godderz.

    Question 5: Ferry Alfiandi @Ferryalfiandi23 asks: What is the most important thing to have as a wrestler? Talent or passion?


    Robbie: Patience. Success doesn’t happen overnight and you have to enjoy the journey.

    Question 6: Efen McKissick @Efren_McKissick asks: How do you feel after beating Jessie Sunday?”


    Robbie: After beating Jessie Sunday I feel I proved myself and people saw a different side of me!!!

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