Assassins Creed: Black Flag

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Crayo, Nov 10, 2013.

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  1. Anyone played this? Don't spoil it as I'm going to get it (one for something to do, and two because I have played through every single one). I'm going into this game with the lowest of optimism I ever have with an AC game though, as I do not have any care in the world for pirate games. He's an assassin, not a pirate.
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  2. If you're into pirate stuff then you'll love the game. It's filled with naval missions and most of the map is an ocean. They improved on the gameplay and the graphics are the best out of any Assassin's Creed games but that's about the only pros to the game imho. Also,mini-spoiler inbound:
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    He's not actually an Assassin,he's a thief. He killed an Aassassin and took his robes. Surprisingly though,he has eagle vision which I found odd since he's not an assassin.
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    He is of assassin blood I do believe. Of the Ezio line so eagle vision isn't that hard to grasp him having. Plus I believe eagle vision is also a genetic deformity in the AC universe. Meaning anyone can carry it as a recessive gene
  4. They're not spoilers are they? We found that out in AC3. I also believe stop is right
  5. We knew after AC3 that Connors grandfather was both a pirate and a assassin. I just think most people weren't expecting to see so much of how he became an assassin. Rather expecting him to be both from the start, instead of starting as one and becoming the other.
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  6. On the topic of the game itself: Getting it in December once I have moved into my new apartment and gotten my xbox and all that stuff moved up here.
  7. Unsure if to get this one, Revelations and 3 were disappointing.
  8. Yeah 3 disappointed me big time. Mainly because of how confrontational it was;I like the stealth part of AC
  9. I enjoyed 3 immensely myself. Sure it was more combat but it was supposed to be. Connor as a character was more a brute than Ezio or Altair, playing into his native heritage in a sense as the "savage".
  10. I sort of understand the reasons for it but a new character shouldn't remove one of the best elements of all the AC games which is stealth. They could have easily wrote him training to get better at stealth or something, but I've read that stealth is much more prominent in black flag so that's good.
  11. Assassin's Creed 3 was awesome cause it was fuckin AMERICA! I was like PEW PEW, fuck you eurofags! Pew Pew Pew and then sometimes i used my hidden blade, but most times I was like PEW PEW PEW!

    AC3 was pretty good for multiplayer though. The big problem for me is not the gameplay, it's the storyline. Assassin's Creed had the potential to have one of the greatest storylines in a game of all time and then it ruined it after AC2. Anyone remember the Adam & Eve clip when you assemble the truth? Then turns out it had little to do with the upcoming games that followed it. Yeah, the assassin's creed games were let downs after that. Like, after seeing Ezio so many times, it made me hate Italians...well that might've been the Jersey Shore...but I DONT LIKE ITALIANS! :aries: (inb4 Brita)
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  12. Played this for a day or so now... Nearly every missing has been on a damn boat. The actual game play in this game in terms of how it feels and stuff might be the best yet, but the story? The worst. By a country mile. Not sur why ubisoft didn't just make a pirate game since they're obsessed. Awful story though and this is coming from one of the biggest AC fanboys around. I miss AC 2.
  13. They really need to step up the storyline, that I can agree on.
  14. All that was special about AC (bloodline relative living out his family history whole being chased) has been lost. We aren't Desmond, we aren't even a fucking assassin to begin with (I'm a day in and he's still a fraud pirate), but he can do all assassin stuff. It just feels like a completely different game BECAUSE of the shitty story we are given. I'll keep playing though and hope that it improves. So frustrating though.
  15. The story is said to improve later on so there's that.
  16. I guess. But if my lack of Internet wasn't forcing me to play this, then I'd probably be on cod right now. That's coming from someone who has played and fully completed every single AC game. Grr. Reminds me of a bad episode of raw with a promising main event lol do you want to watch 3 hours of this show to get to the good part?
  17. When u finish let me know how it is as far as story, this might be the first AC i skip. I can spend my money on batman or watch dogs
  18. So far: Got to an interesting point of missing other Assassins, but we're still enemies sort of... I think it's in the process of giving Edward (pirate guy you are) a conscious and eventually joining the Assassins, but everything is in water. I fucking hate being on that ship.
  19. A pirate game sounds pretty cool to me.
  20. Although I hate ships, I had the best boat mission ever last night. Had to take down a fort and I must admit the way that is done is nice.
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