Games Assassin's Creed Syndicate is coming Oct 23

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  1. The next stop in the AC saga takes us to London during the industrial revolution. The map is said to be close to 30 times bigger than the Unity map. And for the first time ever, you get two playable characters to switch freely between during the games freeplay mode, story missions will still be locked to certain characters but I assume that you switch in between the two like in GTA V.

    AC is a franchise with some flaws, but it is still my favorite gaming fanchise right now. I'm hyped.
  2. Ugh I'm so behind.. still on Black Flag.
  3. Apparently the guy he's punching is supposed to be Frank Mir.
  4. Yeah I saw that as well. Nice easter egg
  5. Felt like I was in the minorty when it came to Unity. When I got the game there were no game breaking bugs, and the performance mechanic problems were minimal. I liked the story & spent quite a bit playing it. The thing I hope that they work on the most is the replay value because once you complete everything there isn't much left to it. I'm pretty hyped though.
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  6. Playing Black Flag, and may pick up Unity soon. Probably will pick up Syndicate as well.