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She & Kairi Sane exited the WWE Women’s Tag Team title picture (at least on television) when they were defeated by Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross on the SummerSlam fallout edition of Raw. So Asuka decided to make the most of her downtime, and follow in Austin Creed’s footsteps.

That’s right, she’s got a YouTube gaming channel now!

There’s not much to it, yet. So far, she’s played a level she built in Super Mario Maker 2.0, put together some furniture, and did this:

Japanese is required but not mandatory. The videos are fun, and it’s clear how much the woman who was undefeated in NXT loves gaming culture. It’s all very kawaii.

It doesn’t seem to be the reason she’s not being booked in WWE storylines. As alluded to above, she’s been working house shows and dark matches. But that doesn’t mean Asuka can’t combine her new endeavor with another of her favorite pastimes... being a smartass on social media.

When Fite.TV’s Twitter account asked fans to fantasy book fights between pro wrestlers and mixed martial artists the other day, it gave her an opening...

But... I’m youtuber now

— ASUKA / 明日華 (@WWEAsuka) September 11, 2019
But... I’m youtuber now

— ASUKA / 明日華 (@WWEAsuka) September 11, 2019
Pretty clever stuff all around, Empress.

Do we want to see Asuka vs., well, anybody, at this point? Yes. Will we enjoy Asuka vs. her gaming chair while we wait?

Also yes.

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Grievous 3D

Iron Forged Orgasmatron
The sad thing is while I have no problem with Asuka having a gaming channel
on Youtube & making fun content for everyone to enjoy...

All I can think about is how she defeated Becky CLEANLY at the Royal Rumble...
and how she should have been chasing the RAW Women's title after Wrestlemania...
instead of Lacey "Wasn't Ready" Evans.


The way the WWE has treated Asuka (& Kairi) on the main roster is just sad...

Like it makes me sad...and it makes me HATE the WWE.

Just move Asuka & Kairi to NXT & let them have some TakeOver matches with
Io Shirai.

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