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You’re still allowed to dislike the name WWE’s using for Asuka’s tag team with Kairi Sane. Heck, you could even argue that just because a Japanese person came up with and likes the idea, that doesn’t make it devoid of stereotypical overtones or the product of a system within which that person feels like need to emphasize their nationality in order to succeed.

But after a tweet from Paige re-affirmed that Sane & Asuka are the ones who wanted to use “Kabuki” in their name, this one from the Empress of Tomorrow explaining why she wanted to use the word definitely makes it clear she and the Pirate Princess are on board (pun semi-intended):

Kabukimono 傾奇者
Sengoku or Edo-period eccentric who attracted public attention with their eye-catching clothes, peculiar hairstyle, and weird behavior

— ASUKA / 明日華 (@WWEAsuka) May 15, 2019
It makes sense, even if I think there were better options available, for all kinds of reasons.

But we can all agree they have to do better with their entrance music, right?

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The Pumpkin King of Horror
In that context, it works, but most people, even myself, would think of Kabuki the dramas and not an older word, but yeah they need better music.
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