Asuka vs Becky Who Wins?

Discussion in 'Royal Rumble' started by lissa, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. Think Asuka mite get the win But they mite be in a hurry to give the title back to Becky
    Who knows? Who do you think will Win?
  2. Calling the same thing I have for the last few SDL title matches..
    We win. LETS GO
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  3. If Beck wins then what's the point of her dropping it in the first place?
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  4. If the plan is for Becky and Charlotte to be involved with Ronda at Mania, I don't see the point in having Lynch regain the Smackdown women's title.
    Not sure how they're gonna do it tho, maybe Charlotte could interfere in favor of Asuka or Becky loses clean and covers it up by winning the Rumble. One way or another, from both a logical and personal standpoint, I'd go with Asuka. She's a great champion for when Becky and Charlotte (possibly) move over to Raw.

    I just hope Becky and Asuka do well with the match itself. They never faced each other in a singles match before
  5. If Becky loses clean I don't see how she could continue to be so cocky and all herself a man.

    Becky getting screwed in the title match then winning the Rumble is some scsa booking.
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  6. WWE will probably have Becky win the title and then also the Royal Rumble.
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  7. That's was gonna be the plan for Roman.