SPOILER! Asuka VS Chair


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Ever curious what life is like to the average WWE superstar while they remain unused properly on the main roster?

Well, i present your answer..and its adoreable.


Asuka VS Chair

We st with a sneak peak at whats to come, Asuka goes for the pin but the chair kicks out with a nasty headbut.

We start off this match with a promo, she says shes gonna turn this room into a gaming room, and she has to set the chair up, but it wont be easy for her...we then start off the match proper with some solid unboxing action, followed by Asuka having to put the gloves on to really get things goin, but then bam! she has to take them off, because they are way too slippery! next up she goes to screw a screw in but it (the screwdriver) wont fit the crowd goes awww. She tries to do soemthing to the chair but yells its too heavy!

She realises that alot the stuff wont fit for some reason so shes got some investigateing to do! she takes it apart a little readjusts it and then boom! "perfect! PERFECT!" she said in the most english she has ever sounded (Shinsuke has taught her well!) and things are looking up!

She has more issues with things not fitting (ONTO THE CHAIR GET YOUR MINDS OUT OF THE GUTTER) But then she figures it out! it was right infront of her! "No way!" she said the crowd goes "Ooooh!" and then BAM! she lays some brutal smacks to the chair layin in the heavy shots.

"Easy Peasy!" she says as she moves on to wheels of the chair, the chair does a huge counterf with the wheels not attaching, so in reponse she lays in another huge smack as she eventually gets it sorted.

She goes to atrtach the chair but she misses horrible crowd facepalms, but smiles because its adoreable, and then finally she attaches it and sits in it in victory, she goes for the pin but the chair kicks out with a massive headbut right after she says shes happy, but it isnt enough as Asuka just sits back in and covers it for the pin, and Asuka is your winner.


As always share your thoughts below...yes i had to do this lol

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