Extreme Rules Asylum Match, One off Gimmick? Or a Signature Match?

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  1. Leaving this in this section because it is where the match will take place, but if it is in the wrong place, then move it. I also added a spoiler because the match was made last night at Raw. Here we go.

    Last night on Monday Night Raw, the match was made for Extreme Rules. Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho in the first ever Asylum Match! It puts both competitors in a steel cage where the only way to win is by pin fall or submission, and there are weapons hanging above the ring. And for bonus, there was music from a horror movie. The weapons may be interesting, including a straitjacket, the first second generation plant in WWE history, and barbed wire in the PG era!?

    Here is the video of the promo which made the match if you missed it.

    Show Spoiler

    This promo was solid, and has really made me think, could this match be one of the next great gimmick matches?

    Think about it, despite the fact that the No Holds Barred Street Fight at Wrestlemania was a let down, Dean Ambrose has thrived in gimmick matches. His Lumberjack match, Hell in a Cell and Ladder match with Seth Rollins, all of them were great. He also had multiple gimmick matches in his feud with Bray Wyatt and most of them were good. Even before WWE, he thrived in death-matches in multiple small promotions including CZW. Personally, I think they have an amazing chance to turn this into the signature match of Dean Ambrose, as long as they book this right.

    The thing that holds this match back is the PG limitations that WWE has right now. That doesn't mean that they can't push things a bit.

    But I wonder if any of you guys have similar thoughts on this or maybe something completely different.
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  2. Wait, a cage match that is actually designed to keep the opponent inside the squared circle and the only way to win is via pinfall/submission? What is this nonsense?!

    Seriously, though. I dig this idea, even though it comes off as something TNA would come up with, but hey, it'd be cool if it became Ambrose's signature match.

    A match that is described as his playground and the environment he thrives in.
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  3. Yeah, I agree with @Prince Bálor. If this match does stay around, it is more than likely a match that will stick with Ambrose as opposed to being an open use gimmick. The concept is interesting, so I guess we'll see if it actually plays out well.
  4. TNA did come up with this match

  5. Yeah. This is just a one on one Lethal Lockdown
  6. Well, that says it all.

    But still, nice to see a cage match revamped a little bit.
  7. First thing I thought off when I saw of the thread title was tna, also I remember shamrock vs Blackman was a lions den match with weapons near the top of a smaller mma type cage from summerslam 99.
  8. WWE ripping off a TNA idea lmao. I dig the idea, though. Funnily enough, I had an idea of my own after watching their segment on Smackdown last week that I called the Asylum Match - a match consisting of them brawling inside an abandoned asylum somewhere far off with the only other person present there with them being the referee and the cameraman. Imagine if they had shown segments on Raw and Smackdown for a couple weeks of Dean hanging out in different rooms of this asylum and talking about all the emotional horrors that once transpired here and how it will all pale in comparison to what he will force Jericho to suffer through come Extreme Rules. Then on the night of the PPV, the cameraman follows Jericho into the asylum and he slowly navigates his way quietly through the halls and rooms of the asylum searching for Dean in what would be shades of the Undertaker doing the same thing when he went searching for Mankind during their boiler room brawl at Summerslam 1996.
  9. A black Steel cage with shit from the supply closet backstage hanging above it... this shit stupid.
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  10. Let's face it... barely any weapons are gonna be used, the barbed wire stuff is for show
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  11. Just going to be used as a way to write off Jericho. But if the match is good I could see them being a match for Ambrose to use in big feuds. Even though him vs Jericho hardly even classifies as a feud, much less a big one.
  12. Well WWE won't use all the weapons, probably just the safe stuff for the children, this can be an Ambrose thing if WWE wanna put him like this.
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