At the risk of seeming sexist, THIS is how you use women in wrestling

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Mar 20, 2013.

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  1. Sorry I can't find a vid of just this segment/match, but go to 4:40 (sorry got the time totally wrong lol)

    It is a European/IC Title match/PPV opener at SS 99. D'Lo vs Jarrett. What do the fans want though? PUPPIES. So they book the pre-match interaction in a way to both get D'Lo pops and Jarrett heat.

    First, the classic. Jarrett comes out, but he covers up the puppies. BOOOOOOOOO. Matter of fact, the overprotecting boyfriend type is a great character. Remember how much eat Marc Mero used to get for being a dick to Sable, covering her up when she stripped down, blaming her for losses, ect? It's a sure fire heat magnet. More heels need valets that they can treat poorly.

    Anyone, after Jarrett sends Debra off, D'Lo becomes he hero! He brings Debra back out and the crowd loves him for it.

    So, sorry to say, but to anyone looking for an "answer" to the poor divas division, this is it. Women's wrestling doesn't draw, but this is what they can provide. A vehicle to help get faces and heels over.
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  2. Jarrett was great with Debroah on the whole, I remember Edge vs him at Fully Loaded and he used a similar tactic to draw heat.

    Show Spoiler
    before anyone asks yes he did get a stunner at the end of the match
  3. It is such an easy way to draw heat. Marc Mero was the most over heel midcarder of 1997 just by hating on Sable.
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  4. Didn't Knox work the same way with Slutty Slutty back in DisnECW to get heat?
  5. It's not sexist, just reality. Nobody cares about women's wrestling (including 99% of female wrestling fans) and the main attraction of the women has always been their physical looks and appearance. In my opinion, they should use all the divas to either be valets, interviewers or evil, conniving bitches up to no good, maybe in the occasional mixed tag team match.
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  6. Oh I completely agree. That's why I said seeming sexist.
  7. Haha, just realized Mark Henry turns on D'Lo to let JJ win that match. Can't wait to see that fallout on Raw
  8. It's sad but true, most straight women, would probably want to stare at people like, Cena or Orton as opposed to watching their own gender. I'd also put the blame on the fact alot of the "Divas" don't get much screen time to make their characters likable and with the one title, hardly anyone cares anyway.
  9. I'm still a fan of employing a sexist gimmick you know, it's not PC but it's a heel everyone could hate. It'd be business suicide but would draw monster heat.
  10. Not if they booked it smartly, with the woman getting her revenge and empowerment by angles end.
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  11. So, women's wrestling doesn't draw, but D'lo vs Jarrett with puppies does? Sure. Speaking for myself, I'd rather see a decent divas match than a mid-carder treating a woman like crap for cheap heat.

    Also, your "answer" to the diva problem is no answer at all. At best only one heel on the roster can benefit from being a prick to his girl. Where does that leave the rest of the mid-carders who can't obtain actual heat?

    Honestly, this topic is just really stupid. The crap you're talking is exactly what they're doing - using the divas to get faces and heels over while ignoring their wrestling ability. They used AJ to get heat on DB, Punk, Kane, Ziggler. They used Eve to get over Ryder, Cena. And then they turned them both into evil conniving sluts. You'd think that would be enough to satisfy the misogynists in the audience, but apparently not.

    Lastly, this thread IS sexist. You can say "not sexist, just reality" as much as you want, but the real reality is that we don't live in caves anymore.
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  12. This should get interesting :obama:
  13. Sorry Laura but it is true. Women's wrestling doesn't draw. The only time it has done so steadily in the business was in TNA in 2008.
  14. I didn't say it did draw, I just said it's no worse than valet nonsense. Mid-carders don't exactly draw either. In the end it's just a matter of entertaining filler. And for me, personally, I'd rather see a decent divas match. I'm sure plenty of people would agree.
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  15. I would argue if you weren't just so blatantly wrong :cornette:
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  16. It was drawing recently in TNA too... not just in 2008.

    I think Laura made a fantastic counter-point actually, and I was actually interested in what some of you would counter her point with.
  17. Also, wasn't Sable a relatively decent draw in her time? I'm pretty sure Trish has made the WWE a lot of money too.
  18. Sable was a good draw for what? Her Sable bomb? get real.

  19. From what I've read online she brought in consistently decent numbers, and had two successful playboy covers.
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