GFW At TNA tapings....

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  1. They built up Lashley pretty strong only to have him drop the night after BFG...OK.
  2. Well, that doesn't seem like it makes much sense.
  3. "TNA never explained this tm "
  4. What? I mean...I like Eddie Edwards, but why couldn't they have Lashley drop the belt to EC3, let them have a rematch or something on Impact, and let Eddie go into a good feud with whoever is the winner and giving him a satisfying win?
  5. Lashley is really enjoyable for the first time in his career and drops the belt to Eddie Edwards?

    Vintage TNA!
  6. Makes very little sense. Eddie didn't get to the finals of the Grand title tournament, and still lost in the finals. Now he wins the World title from the biggest beast in TNA since Joe? Love Eddie but this is retarded.
  7. What a joke lol
  8. This is like Rusev "crushing" Jinder Mahal in a US title match, then Jinder beats Brock Lesnar for the WWE title, goes on to beat a whole lot of top guys in the process, only for Jinder to lose the belt to James Ellsworth.
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  9. Well that was out of nowhere, Lashley was unstoppable and he loses the title the night after their biggest ppv show of the year their Wrestlemaina. TNA you do make some confusing booking choices sometimes (-_-).
  10. This is likely gonna build to a Richards v. Edwards feud. But EC3 deserved the win.
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