Kayfabe At Wits End.

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Jonny Nostradamus

Man of Destiny
An irate Jet Starr is seen in his and Alex's shared office.
Jet is swiping things off his desk, throwing things against the wall and tossing chairs around.

Marie: Jet, please, calm the hell down-

Calm down?! How the hell are you not livid?! How the hell can you not comprehend the fact that our jobs are on the line here?!

Marie: Hey! I know you're stressed with the Alex situation and The Syndicate running rampant on Ignition, but even if you are my boss, you don't yell at me you son of a bitch!

Jet freezes in his tracks before getting in Marie's face.

Jet: And you yelling at me is any better? You holding in your frustration, anger and obvious sadness is better than me going absolutely insane and trying to fix things? My brother is in the hospital, injured to all hell and medicated out of his mind-

Marie: You know that's just as important to me as it is to you-

Jet: Marie. Look. I might be acting irrational, I might be going crazy, but I'm crazy with a reason. I'm not worried about the Board firing me, I know I'm safe there. I'm not even fully focused on Alex bringing his own brand of chaos because in all fairness, it does seem to bring in some ratings.

Marie: You belong in a mental asylum if you're actually seeing eye to eye with him now.

Jet: Well more like eye to the tip of my pen, but that's beside the point Marie. I'm worried about our jobs. The jobs of the talent. Hell, even Alex's job. You saw what The Syndicate did to Bryce a few weeks back. You saw what happened to Luis and McCoy at the last show. I wasn't there, because I was with Bryce. But I know you felt what I'm talking about. How long until they get to you? How long until they get to Alex? How long until they get to me? How long until they destroy this company that so many people have put their lives into shaping and protecting?

Jet sits on top of his desk with his head down.

Jet: Marie... I love this place. So many people love and need this place. I'm at my wits end...there's only so much my mind can handle. There's only so much I can say. Now, with all due respect to The Alliance, they might not be enough...not yet. Ignition needs a united front. Not just some strong guys with their own motives trying to work together. I don't know if they'll get to that level of trust or understanding. This goes beyond championships, paychecks, ratings, matches-

Marie: Then you know what you need to do. I've tried to stop you, but I know you want to do it. For this company, it's history...and for Bryce...I think it's time you enforced that fine print in your contract.

Marie picks up a folder from off the ground and slams it on the desk next to Jet.

Marie: You do that. Make some calls, and do what's right. I'm not holding you back anymore and Bryce isn't here to talk you out of it. He only went through with it, because he didn't want you to have to...Well now, you have to.

Marie picks her clipboard up off the desk.

Marie: I have to go speak with our delightful SPARK World Champion, Terra. I heard she has something she wants to tell me personally. Probably just her usual rhetoric.

Marie walks off camera.
The door to the office can be heard opening and closing.

Jet sniffs the air, with a confused look on his face.

Jet: I sat in some of Alex's chili, didn't I...

Honorable Mentions: The Syndicate (@Fireshock @Frosty @Papa Franku's ear @MintMidget69) The Alliance (@Emo @Hybrid @Finniis @SupaHeeroh)
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