Other Athletes who retired to soon?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Feb 25, 2015.

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  1. Hey there basically this is stemming from the recent incident involving Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose tearing his meniscus again like he had in 2013.. basically I'm thinking his career is in jeopardy at this point and he may have to retire a lot earlier than he would've had his legs held up during the early part of his career.

    So now I ask which ones of your favorite athletes from any professional sport around the world have been forced to retire or have simply just chosen to retire too early from their respective sport?

    One of the recent ones that has occurred was SG Brandon Roy for the Portland Trailblazers, he had seemed to be exploding on the scene and then had massive knee issues that forced him to retire at 27 when he realized they weren't getting any better. Another example would be WR Sidney Rice who started his career off with the Vikings and then found his way on the Seahawks.. Rice had some hip issues and than two severe concussions that ended his career at the age of 27.
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  2. Indeed, RIP.. was a big fan of Taylor's even though we played against him twice a year, he was a badass mofo.
  3. The true GOAT.
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  4. And i'm dead serious.
  5. Was gonna say B-Roy, my former favorite player. I also feel like Daunte Culpepper never got have the chance to build on those few great years due to the knee injuries
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  6. I'll meet you halfway, but Culpepper had a pretty damn serious core to work with.
  7. Sterling Sharpe and David Wilson
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  8. Bo Jackson retired from things too early, he was a helluva an athlete.
  9. Tiki Barber Dude was one of the best whem he quit
  10. Marco van Basten, to mix things up a bit. Was one of the greatest football/soccer players of all time. Don't have a video at the moment but look him up.
  11. I am not a huge golf fan, but living in Florida it was made a pretty big deal hen the best ever female golfer retired in 2008 at the age of 38. This Golfer was Annika Sorenstam.
  12. Bob Sanders injury-proned a** should've kept going. 50 games in 8 years. Why deprive me?

    This guy retired waaaay too early. Can't miss Jr's graduation or those all important business meetings can you?
  13. The only guys that come to mind right now are:
    Zinedine Zidane
    Pelé - The guy could've played a helluva lot longer
    Michel Platini
    Frank Rijkaard
  14. Pele was a great player, but he should have played so much longer
  15. I've seen a good bit of informational clips on Pele and I can agree with that one for sure.. seemed like he had several years left.
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