Atletico smash Chelsea

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. Atletico Madrid 4 - 1 Chelsea

    Falcao hat-trick. Chelsea's goal was from Cahill.
  2. I didn't watch the match, did you see the goals Crayo?
  3. No but Falcao imo is one of the best ST's in the world.
  4. Chelsea buried
  5. I agree, I would have loved if we signed him. But we're over loaded in Strike. I really thought Dzeko would have left during the transfer window.
  6. Falcao strikes again.

  7. Imagine Tevez, Aguero, Falcao upfront?

    They'll be like Titus O'neill in Taco Bell!.. UNSTOPPABLE!
  8. This is the team I hope we play this season.


    My personal choices, don't think they'll happen as Richards won't play because Mancini prefers Lescott at CB. No place for new signing Rodwell,Barry or Nasri because we're overloaded with decent midfielders.
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