Attack Ad Launched Towards Linda McMahon

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Sep 12, 2012.

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  2. Seem like some underhand tactics, don't know if it's true though like.. :lol1:
  3. Classic politics.
  4. Haha, It would seem that way wouldn't it. :dawg:
  5. Good though. The less votes she gets the better.
  6. This is true. :win:
  7. If she loses and Vince steps aside, she could become 'Mrs. McMahon' and ruin us all. muahahahahahhaha :yay: No laughs. Shucks, I did
  8. I expected something a lot more vicious. This just seems like some well researched facts. Down with Linda!
  9. What Linda's saying is mostly correct, but trying to defend yourself in politics is boring and the people will tune away. The mud they're slinging is going to do damage.
  10. Am I the only one who has the opinion that, so long as Linda is running for her first election, it will force WWE to water down its product, whereas, if she were already elected and running for re-election (as incumbents have a traditionally very solid advantage in American politics), it wouldn't be as vital to her campaign to distance her from the "violence" of the product?

    If your anti-Linda statements are due to her political stances, on the other hand, carry on.

  11. 10% fired, 30% added. Most likely part time, lower wage workers now allowed benefits in general. It's sad how there is no me in team anymore. *not sarcasm
  12. Linda just got owned she is so gonna lose this campaign again
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