Attendance for Slammiversary

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  1. First, this is a Meltzer report.
    Second, the Tampa number is actually true.
    Third, the Slammiversary number is NOT.

    Which is why I wrote the first sentence. This guy is amazing in his lies.

    With the set-up they used, there were about 6,500 seats available, so taking away the 3 hard camera sections that were covered up, which were about 400 seats each, and the empty seats in 111 and 110, we're talking about 5,000 to 5,250. Nice try Dave :pity1:
  2. Got any source for those numbers? Not sure why he'd purposely lie about the seat count, lol.
  3. Yeah, Ticketmaster and the Agganis Arena websites and shit (seats setup wise). Plus, 2 guys who I've known for yrs via wrestling boards and have been good with them, literally have their eyes all over Meltzer's every TNA report for a couple of yrs now too, and when he's right, he's right (look Tampa). But when he isn't, he isn't. It's a shame WWE actually reports their numbers because he'd probably lie about their numbers too from time to time.
  4. They all picked it up from Meltzer and WON, but whatever.

    Some people believe there was 3.8k, some believe there was 5k. It doesn't make any diferrence really, in the grand scheme of things.
  5. who lol? post a link
  6. I wasn't talking about dirt shits, I was talking about fans in general.
  7. I'm assuming you are talking about fans on a forum, can you not post a link to that? I never insinuated that you were talking about dirt sheets
  8. Testify not testifying.


  9. There's thousands of fans on multiple forums that I visit here and there, dafuq should I do that for lol?
  10. I honestly don't care, attendance figures / ratings just aren't my thing I guess. I'd rather have a 100 loud fans than whatever was at Slammy for my own enjoyment.
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  11. Why do you insist on shitting on the SLammy crowd lol? They weren't bad at all
  12. I'm turning into Crayo so I must hate TNA.

    Honestly they were pretty good but not as good as I'd hoped if that makes sense, I was expecting a really hot crowd but was let down by my own expectations if nothing else.
  13. I lost the crown of TNA hater when Stopspot started posting here, so that joke is poor :pity1:

  14. Interesting. I generally only really take note of a crowd if they are either super hot or super dead, and Slammy was just a solid crowd hot for some matches and not so much for others. Their participation in the LKOS match won me over.
  15. Damn you, I'll hate Japanese people then.

    Yeah I'm a retard with stuff like that I won't lie to you. The lack of a pop for AJ annoyed me too.
  16. I've heard a couple of people say that (or more likely you multiple times now) and I don't get it. He had a strange new theme (it's like when people hated on WWE fans for not popping for Punk when he returned with his new/old theme) and he isn't exactly a happy go lucky babyface at this point. He was wrestling the most over guy in TNA outside of Hulk, so I'm not sure TNA even wanted AJ getting pops that night.
  17. There were 4K at best. At best. LOL at certain mark speaking out of his ass.
  18. And there's me thinking you and Testify were bromies.
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