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  1. I recently started to watch it on Netflix. I am currently only on Episode 2, because I've veen busy with my school work. What should I look foward to in the series?
  2. it's pretty slow until this badass named Todd shows up in S4/5

    Todd is the shit.
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  3. Watched until halfway through series 3 and thought I'm not wasting my time on this shit anymore.
  4. You are literally the biggest butt muncher I've ever seen on this forum, I've never seen someone with such unpopular opinions in my life
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  5. Just got to Todd, he hasn't done anything noteworthy except say "hey im todd"
  6. just wait pal

    even in introducing himself I'm sure you saw his natural charisma shining through.
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  7. lol Todd, that opie faced fuck.
    You may recognize him from a little movie I like to call "Like Mike"

    He was one of the oprhans.
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  8. :rollins:
  9. lol Todd is the bully from like mike huh? spoiler alert he turns face in the end (of like mike)
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  10. It's a consistently great show that didn't overstay it's welcome and went off the air at about the right time. It's not without it's faults, of course - the first half of Season 3 is fairly slow and I dare even say a bit boring (although things really pick up big time at about the sixth episode) and Season 5 is an odd season because they split it into two "parts", but tried to pass it off as one season. The way it's written and executed, however, makes it feel like two separate 8 episode seasons rather than just one whole, 16-episode season. IMO, they really should have just made two 13-episode seasons and let the story flow organically instead of trying to cram too much into S5 and making it feel rushed, but oh well. They still managed to produce a great ending to the show regardless, though.
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  11. TBH the ending of the show made me want more. Wanted to see where Jesse went afterwards.
  12. He drove straight into the Need For Speed movie, of course.

    Show Spoiler
    In all honesty, he was probably captured and locked up by the police soon after. Even Vince Gilligan said this is unfortunately what most likely happened to him. He has no cash left on him unless Badger and Skinny Pete offer him enough for him to get out of the country and then set up a comfortable life way off somewhere else.
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  13. Most likely
  14. I wasn't crazy about the ending, if only because I found myself comparing it to the epic S4 ending
  15. Opinions bro. This show sucked. And have you seen the wrestling section? @Dolph'sZiggler is Mr. unpopular opinion.
  16. This was one of the best shows to ever air on TV.... it took you through every emotion possible and made you want more and more. It was much like the blue meth that Jesse and Mr. White were cooking up. The characters on the shows were some of the most memorable ever. @Dolph'sZiggler is correct about Todd, he is one of the best on the show definitely. Watch the show all the way through... you have to be intelligent to understand and enjoy the show and that is why a lot of people don't like it.. they get lost somewhere in it because they aren't intelligent enough to follow it through. You won't be disappointed.
  17. why because I don't like the little pussy DB? gtfo
  18. Good thing too he needed to turn face, I was really hating his character after he picked on the little vampire/stuart little kid.
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  19. Ozymandias. People actually use that episode as a quote when talking about other episodes from shows. "Dawg, that was totally the Ozymandias of Walking Dead." "DUDE, OZYMANDIAS OF BIG BANG THEORY, BROSKI!"

    Ozymandias is where everything goes to shit.
  20. I gotta say something, Breaking Bad is not that great on a rewatch, I'm jammin' through the show from the beginning, and without the vivid spoiler-free excitement, it's not that elite. And why? Because the show's main forte is the "what happens next" institute, the adrenaline rush that comes with it. What now? Are they getting clipped? Imagine the shitstorm when everyone finds out about Walt! Is Jesse going to burn the house down? etc... They relied way too much onto it, IMO. Just think about all those cliffhangers... There was too much of them, and I remember complaining about them even during the last summer. It takes away from character qualities, because all hopes are put into suspense.

    So yeah, take that away, and you still have a marvelous character study of Walter White, and some truly terrific performances. But the character study was not the true backbone of the show, the "what happens next" shit was. And once you go through all that adrenaline rush... You catch my drift, I hope. That's why I don't consider BrBa an elite drama like Wire, Sopranos, The Shield or Mad Men. Those dramas put their character/society studies first, and for instance, that's why I can watch them all the time. Characters, motherfucker! There are nights when I spend hours on YT just watching The Wire clips, for example. But BrBa is still a Top 10 drama, I reckon, which is great success in my book.

    And don't forget that borderline bullshit "Hollywood hero" series finale, brothers.
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