Attention! (D'Z and Testify)

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Arrow, Jan 10, 2013.

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  1. Hello.

    By order of Divine Right and royal epidemics; I hereby relieve you two of fulfilling your sentimental duties towards Ms. GrammarNazi82 and all miscellaneous associated with her. I now proclaim myself, Neil Thorn, to fulfill all duties portraying back to the beautiful brains and stunning personalities of Ms. GrammarNazi.

    Thank you.

    - Neil Thorn
  2. Sir this is not your battle. Please leave before I call upon my royal nutcrackers!
  3. /me the United States champion challenges you to a battle Neil. Bury Alive match. Whoever loses cannot talk to GrammarNazi for the rest of the month, and the winner gets to talk to GrammarNazi forever and is the United States champion.

    Come at me ho :tough:
  4. I challenge you for your united states title. Triple threat match. Come at me
  5. /me holds up his United States Championship

    Bring it bitch :tough:
  6. I don't accept. Your United States championship has no prestige to me whatsoever. Problem? :umad:
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  7. More prestige then your rep :pipebomb:
  8. :haha: Nice, Farooq.
  9. Sorry but I can't PM anymore so I have to post on thread now! were freedom of speech!? :pipebomb:
  10. What the hell is this?
  11. I agree with the man in blue above. This seems pretty weird.
  12. :lol1: D'Z vs Testify vs Neil?
    Hogan vs Warrior(:lol1:) vs Eugene.

    Long story short Test mentioned in nWo that GN was his lady, i laughed and explained dolphs e-peen only shoots for GN, and so test started a thread saying he was down to share or something, and Neil came in for sloppy thirds. It was entertaining.
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  13. Someone once told me if you have a chick that no other guy is interested in you are doing it wrong. So I guess I'm flattered that all these wannabes are trying to get a piece of my main squeeze GN :smug:
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  14. such a lame ass kisser. but it's okay. I expected that from you.
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