Attention Randy Savage

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by DarksideTrin, Aug 23, 2012.

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  1. As I was on my worldly travels, I was approached by a very young fan from the Netherlands. This you person told me of a legend, a legend of a person who frequented These very forums and on You tube, claiming to be my lost deceased brother. Now obviously, being the astute and intelligent individual that I am. Decided to come onto these here forums, under a much different persona. To see if this were the case.

    Alas, it is true, you are NOT who you claim to be. You certainly not my brother. What is worse, is that you continually tarnish his name and legacy, by your incoherent rambling that have made you a mockery on this forum.. and in life as well.

    There fore, I am starting the process of a multi million dollar lawsuit against you. For defaming the character and legacy of my brother who I love dearly. I will be away for a few days, as I am going to Las Vegas tomorrow. I will be consulting my lawyers there.

    The only way this will or can be rectified, is if you do the following.

    1. change your user name here and never make reference to my brother again.
    2. write an apology on these forums stating that you meant no harm.
    3. post a heartfelt apology on your you tube channel.
    4. Make a donation in Randy Savages name to the Be a star program run by WWE.
    5. Take some english grammar lessons. For goodness sakes man. Your quotes are other peoples signatures. Have some self respect!

    I look forward to your compliance in this matter. I would rather not use my sizeable wealth on needless lawyer fees when this can be fixed amicably.

    thank you
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  3. I will be posting updates to this thread as they become available.

    Thank you
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  5. Furthermore, I will state, that the ensuing lawsuit will be against the offender, and the offender alone.

    I have no issue with the ownership of the wwe forums and the rest of the community at large, just the one user who has blatantly tarnished the legacy of my brother.

    thank you
  6. I shall be returning home on monday, I shall update the status of this pending lawsuit upon my return.

    Again, this will all be dropped when my requirements are met. If this is the case, please let me know upon my return.


    I believe you are looking for Liar!
  7. Liar* :umad:
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  9. Failure.
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  13. :sonic: Wait until Farooq comes back
  14. Again. I am not concerned with other users and their choice of name.

    I am not related to the other wrestlers that other users wish to use.

    I am concerned with how you are using my brothers name in such a disgusting manner.

    My brother was an excellent speaker and speller whereas you come across as a 6 year old hillbilly in your you tube videos, and it looks like you just slam your face into the keyboard when you type.

    Again, I ask that you fulfill the terms of my demands so I can drop this lawsuit and go enjoy vegas. Otherwise I have to be in lawsuit discussions all weekend.

    thank you
  15. 2) No threads on particular members, unless it's of quality. Otherwise just use the PM system.

    You're flaming him, this isn't HQ. Please refrain from using this style of post just to provoke a response in the future, thank you.
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