Attention! Sometime Today is the beginning of A Solor Eclipse!

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nikki Nitro, Aug 21, 2017.

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  1. Not everyone will see this though. I know for Cleveland it starts at 1PM and ends a little before 4PM.
    This is only going to be a partial eclipse though because we aren't directly in the path way to view it.

    The next total Eclipse that will happen for the US is in 2024 and that will pass right over Ohio so it will be pretty amazing. It goes from Texas to Maine.

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  2. This was pointless, don't bother with it. lol
  3. Okay.... Well, I did see where it said it was taken down or something. Oh well
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  5. @Solid Snake:
    Is it just me or does the sky look kinda dark ISH?
  6. 20170821_144018.jpg
    Notice the little blueish white cresent to the left of the sun/clouds? Each time I take a pic, Its moved.
  7. 20170821_143501.jpg Look close at this pic... Notice the same cresent looking thing is just above the tree line top?
  8. 20170821_143604.jpg
    Another pic with that same weird shape. Only NOW its got a red Aura around it
  9. That is a reflection off your camera lens Nichole. It is reflecting from the sun.
  10. Mom's Phone is Much more High Difened than mine is it shows up on her phone as well
  11. I flipped my camera around as if to take a self pic but Got the Sun instead.... that way I wasnt staring AT the sun directly.
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    See, I get the reflect too. That is a reflection of the eclipse via solar flare of the lens

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    Holy crap I took way too many pictures lolol I also got a nice tan :boss1:
  14. Ah... Ok.
    Well, Here are a few Questions I have. Feel free to discuss.. Curious to know what answers are said.
    Why is it that part of the world can see this Eclipse while other parts of the word does Not either see or Hv a eclipse?
    Do u think the World is Round or Flat?
    Why is it that other states or countries are Night Time right now while I and other places hv Day Time light right now?
  15. Here you can see it shrink


  16. This is the first pic I took so you can see how much bigger it was

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