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  1. One of the most entertaining WWE stuff comes from the attitude era, so I was thinking maybe we could rewatch some of that stuff because I was little and I only remember but so much of it. We could even put a live discussion to it as well

    I think the only day wrestling isn't on is Saturday (since Saturday Morning Slam isn't watched here really). We could set a time that's convenient for the majority of us and start watching one episode a week starting from the Raw after the montreal screw job.

    The hardest part would be finding each episode and watching it on synctube I guess, but other than that everything else would be easy?

    Btw how many approved suggestions do you need for suggestion muffin?
  2. This wouldn't be an official site thing. You would need to sort this out yourselves as members.
  3. Another thing I will run for this site :pity:

    Will do
  4. Please before 1AM here in the UK.
  5. Of course 4pm EST seems like the best time for everyone.
    West coasters'd be at 1 pm
    Europeans'd be at 9 pm
  6. I'm down with this. Haven't seen much of the AE for ages. I've probably forgot most of it.
  7. You can find torrents for all eps of Raw for certain years. I re-watched '97, '98 and am currently on '99. Just find the torrents, DL them, upload to youtube privately so they don't get taken down. boom.
  8. At work till 5 :sad:
  9. I could get the episodes, let me know if this ever takes off.
  10. I really like this. Saturday Attitude night. I started to watch wrestling since the end of the Ruthless Agression era.Then I stopped watching and started again this summer.So basically I didn't watch the attitude era at all and I'd love to know more about what it's suppose to be the best era of the prowrestling
  11. I like the idea but I think u should start it at summerslam of 1997 to me that were that when the attitude era started.
  12. U mean the Anarch Era from 2002-2006? It was Attitude Era 1997-2002 then it was the Anarch Era from 2002-2006, then it was the 3 Brand Era from 2006-2008 then It was then WROST OF THEN ALL WHICH WE ARE IN TODAY, the PG Era 2008-Now. And yes The Attitude Era WAS THE BEST! U should DVD that just can out with the Attitude Era DVD.
  13. I first started watching wrestling around 2003 till 2006. No following storylines , dont caring about anything just watching random matches..Next thing I remember was Chavo vs Mysterio feud , Booker vs Batista and Batista vs Khali.Then i stopped watching it .Used to watch some random recap of a recent PPV and last summer I started watching the product again
  14. What the hell was the Anarchy era? I remember the Ruthless Aggression era starting in 2002 and lasting up til around 2008.
  15. That was the Anarch Era. Good Era but not as Great as the Attitude Era! BUT A 110% BETTER THEN TODAY PG ERA! Buy the Attitude Era DVD then that WWE just came out with.
  16. It was NEVER THERUTHLESS AGGRESSION! IT WAS THE ANARCH ERA! WHICH WHEN FROM 2002-2006 then it was the 3 Brand Era from 2006-2008.
  17. The history of the WWE article on Wikipedia does nowhere specify the existence of a "anarchy era". The attitude era was followed by the Ruthless Aggression Era, which lasted from 2002-2008. It was in turn followed by the PG Era, stretching from 2008-2011 who in turn is followed by the current "Reality Era" (Named so partially because of the increased use of social media to carry stories and wrestlers like Punk breaking the fourth wall).
  18. DUDE WIKPEDIA FUCKIN LIES! It was ALWAY THE ANARCH ERA FROM 2002-2006! Then it was 3 Brand Era 2006-2008! Then the PG Era 2008-Now! THAT WAS NEVER A REALITY ERA!
  19. Show some sources on the existence of your "anarchy era" then. Because Google brings me nothing. WWE themselves call it the "Ruthless Aggression era"
  20. And no one cares ^, take it to PM's.

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