Attitude Era-Ruthless Aggression Era WWEF Superstars who should have been WWEF Champ at least once

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The Phenom, Sep 26, 2016.

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  1. images-6.jpg To me the Attitude-Era will be the greatest era of wrestling to come for awhile that being said I also enjoyed the ruthless aggression era but it doesn't compare.... I was born in 1989 Attitude era baby it just got me interested ......To all of the older fans I have a lot of knowledge of the golden age and even earlier years of wrestling with my father being a big fan but I digress Name 2 or 3 superstars who never were able to obtain the main prize in the game but you feel should have been champion at least once.
    Had to love the attitude era man!
  2. WWEF Champ?

    I didn't know the site had a Championship?
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  3. I'm going to name 3

    Ahmed Johnson-The guy had the look and the intensity that Vince loved but he was injury prone....I guess that's why they never put the strap on him

    Ken Shamrock- The most dangerous Man on the planet in arguable ways he is the original lesnar he was doing MMA and wrestling also the guy was very technical and physical in the ring yet just another superstar who did not get the strap.
    Lastly and I may get heat on this one idk why..... this guy had the attitude era seeping out of his pores Sean Waltman X-Pac this was my favorite wrestler from 3rd grade to sometime in middle school he was awesome man! Not bad in the ring and wasn't afraid of the mic at all not the best at all but definetly not afraid to be himself...

    HONORABLE MENTION: (May get more heat on this one as well Lol but hear me out 1st) The guy had a porn star gimmick he was basically a porn star who wrestled Lmao! A Porn star being WWF Champion that screams attitude era I'm so surprised that didn't happen who can 4get the infamous Val Venis (Honey did you find the remote? Lmao!)
    I came I saw I came again lol (Classic)
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  4. Lol Wwe/f I was running out or characters in the box thought it would be self explanatory......Basically I was saying time frame from being when It was WWF to now WWE .........
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    Don't have to put pics I was just bored.....
  6. I know. I was making a joke to pass time while I thought of an answer. (that dislike broke my poor animal heart though </3 ).

    One person who could have been WWF champ (even if it was a different era) was Mr. Perfect. Great technician, great character, and could have been a good World Champ.
  7. Lmao i felt like u were insulting my intelligence My feelings were hurt I apologize and retract my dislike it was funny tho
  8. All good.

    Also a Ruthless Agression star who could have been World Champion was Shelton Benjamin. But... They made him a mamma's boy.
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  9. I didn't put a
    I didn't put a ruthless aggression star up because I'm so for the attitude error but Shelton Benjamin if he could have got his mic skills a little better he should have had at least one run but their is still hope he shall return in about 4-6 months His matches with HBK were awesome and I was a fan Of the World's greatest tag team......Where is Charlie Haas at anyway?
  10. Mark Henry, Booker T, Ken Shamrock.
  11. LOL at X-Pac being champ.
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  12. You you, Imma let you finish,

    But X-Factor was the greatest wrestle stable of all time!

  13. Lmao! @deth your just mad Tom brady sucks and he is a f***ing cheater...... X-pac could have had 1 run
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  14. fdfb2d24eda0446f2504d37604f44c5d.jpg
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  15. Mark Henry and Booker T became Champions...technically
  16. Ken Shamrock.
  17. World Heavyweight champions, yes. Not WWE champions.
  18. Hey Balor I called that tag team angle with sheamus and cesaro a few weeks ago
  19. Okay, buddy. But how is that relevant to this thread/topic? :dawg:
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