Attitude Era Week Four - Live Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jonathan, Mar 9, 2013.

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    This is the official live discussion thread for Week Four of the Attitude Era throwback.

    The final RAW before the first post-Bret PPV.


    Match 1: Aquila v. Taka Michinoku
    Match 2: DoA v. Nation v. Los Baricuas v. Truth Commission
    Match 3: Rock v. Vader
    Match 4: Ahmed Johnson v. Jeff Jarrett
    Match 5: Headbangers v. Road Dog and Billy Gunn (c)
    Match 6: HHH v. Jim Neidhart

    Stream Link:​
  2. Rock vs Vader would interest me if Vader wasn't treat like a jobber around this time, shame really as he was a great monster worker.
  3. It'll be nice to use this match of the NAO to compare to how they do next week against Rhodes Scholars
  4. It's a little grey this time around
  5. And we are LIIIIIIIIIIIIVE.

    @"Alpa Chino"
    @"Big Hoss Rambler"
    @"Captain of Peepulation"
    @"CM Punk"
    @"Dat Kid From Jersey"
    @"Gideon Steehl"
    @"Respect Gohan6425"
    @"Senhor Perfect"
    @"Stone Cold ET"
    @Uncle Zeb
  6. Something wrong with video.
  7. Nearly forgot . Thanks @Jonathan!
  8. Not sure what's happening with the video, working fine here on MediaPlayer.

    Re-encoding the settings, give me a sec.
  9. My stream just restarted
  10. It's at the right spot now, cool
  11. I'm going to broadcast my screen and do it that way, give me a sec.
  12. :happy:
  13. Slight technical issues, bear with me. Will be live within 5mins.
  14. Ok, thanks for it Jonathan.

    Until it is on;
  15. How's this:
  16. It doesn't open because of my IPs I think. Whatever, thanks.
  17. Isn't working.
  19. We'll try this again tomorrow same time. I literally have no idea why it isn't working...
    I've tried Veetle, SAWLive, UStream... nothing works.
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