Attitude Era

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Nikki Nitro, Aug 8, 2017.

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    1:20..... I 1000% AGREE WITH BATISTA.
    What the heck happened to the attitude era and why did it change so much to what it is today?
  2. Wow, up until the 2 min mark, Batista was wearing a shirt, then it just disappeared! Lol
  3. Sad part is instead of Vince and WWE taking that rant serious, they just used it as a promo for Wrestlemania 30.
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  4. How is it that the audience was part of his leaving? If thats even true
  5. Only thing I can say is based on his return documentary on WWE Network or DVD, he said he just couldn't adjust to this new style of wrestling programming. I'll see if I can find it.
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  6. he was working a heel promo. He didn't actually mean that. I mean don't get me wrong, Batista has been vocal about blading not being a thing anymore when they went over to PG but he didn't actually mean the whole "why are you cheering for a little man" thing.
    Also, I wouldn't wanna praise the attitude era all that much. There are a few good things in it that stand out until today, but still a lot of bad things people rarely talk about. For example, the technical aspect of wrestling was never valued as much as it is now. Sheamus once mentioned this in an interview and said that they have never had a more talented roster of pro wrestlers than as of this moment and I find it weird when people talk about how great New japan is but then go on and complain about the attitude era not being a thing anymore because those are 2 complete opposites.
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  7. Yeah, I can agree that there is some great Talent Now.
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    @Lavender Haze you can find Batista explaining about why he decided to leave WWE on his DVD, The Animal: Unleashed at 11 minute and 50 seconds mark. You can also listen to him from a Talk Is Jericho podcast he did, here you go.

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  9. Attitude era ftw.

    Sure there's talent people on the roster now...alot of them....but they're not able to come off as natural as in the attitude era. Kevin Owens is one of the only guys that sound natural and they've been making a joke of him since his debut feud vs Cena. Here's a guy that oozes charisma and has an awesome act, works tremendously in the ring for his body shape, and they make him a pussy champion and the whole 'face of america' bs... he's Canadian ffs. That shtick was funny at first but then got old.

    Back on topic now. Go Attitude!

    Everyone back then had a place in the roster. Everyone was doing something. They were able to fit more into their 2 hour program than they do now with 3.

    Fuck I'm glad I have the network and can watch it!
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  10. [​IMG]
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