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  1. After events over the last 24 hours, I am forced into making this thread. I want to remind people why I made this forum. I made this forum because I have a different ideology on how forums are meant to be ran. I am known as being a laid back guy, and so are the staff I have chosen to hand responsibility. I am all about quality wrestling discussion, mixed with a tight fun community. We have both in abundance, as you can see by visiting both the wrestling sections and the off-topic sections. Generally speaking, everyone gets on here, and forum drama is at a minimum. I am incredibly proud of that.

    However, because of my laid back approach, some people like to push the boundaries. Flaming seems to be very common amongst other wrestling forums, and it's something we have had very little of over the year and a half that we have been open, but I am seeing it creep in. Inevitably that is the case as the userbase expands, and especially after it expanding rather quickly in the last 24 hours due to one particular site closing down, so this is a healthy reminder that we still have no tolerance for flaming.

    No one is untouchable. So stop thinking you can go out and flame someone and accept none or minimal consequences, because that isn't the case. I will not let flaming to the point of users wanting to leave happen here, it's as simple as that. Now, sometimes users are wrongfully accused, but please use the report system. Spamming PM's or retaliating in an equally aggressive manner makes it MUCH harder to moderate, trust me on that. Report the posts with a detailed comment on what is happening, and staff can deal with it so much easier. This isn't aimed at any particular user, as this has happened with multiple users recently (even before the sudden increase in members). This is simply a friendly reminder of what WWE Forums is about.

    Also, a reminder, you can ignore users by adding them to your ignore list. If you wish to do that, go onto their profile and click "ignore". You will not see their posts unless you choose to. Please have enough respect for the site and for myself to cease the flaming and negative atmosphere. We are a fun community of wrestling fans, some say we are like a family, so let's keep it that way.

    Thank you.
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  2. Yup wise words, treat others they way you want to be treated.We are all family now, real life family fight and agrue but we have each other's backs in the end.Hopefully we will all do the same here in time.
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  3. If we are a family, i want to be the uncle who creeps in your bedroom late at night.
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  4. You're Welcome Crayo! :sandow:
  5. Them assholes from MachinimaPalooza ruining everything :emoji_wink:
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  6. See the problem is, at this point I don't care if I get banned or not. My experience has been so negative that threatening to ban won't really change my thinking. Thanks for deciding to crack down a little more though.
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  7. If we're all a family you'd have to all be my cousins,it'd be weird if I cybered my aunt or uncle.
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  8. wut
  9. I get a feeling that you think this was aimed at you. It wasn't at all, trust me. This has been creeping in inevitably for a month or so now, and it will stop. I apologise if you have felt a negative experience thus far.
  10. You got it all figured out, don't ya?
  11. ye boi
  12. I know right? Gosh.... Some people......
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  13. If anyone here from the MP had a bad experience either that some few members from WWEF thinks their better this us, drive out the negativity out of your mind and enjoy the great things this site has to offer.
  14. Is it because I'm black?
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  15. They're all fucking faggots is what they are.
  16. Fuck you Crayo! :finger:

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  17. Yup. All your fault.

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