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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Cloud, Mar 26, 2013.

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  1. Wasnt sure where to post so if it needs moving aplogies mods.

    Right the post simple really why in the USA is being a wrestling fan not a bad thing? Being a UK fan the grief I get for enjoying wrestling is ridiculous. I just wondered where is this the norm? Or how many countries are like the USA and its not a big deal to like wrestling?
  2. Being a wrestling fan is still pretty nerdy and not exactly "cool". Hell, I laugh at myself for being a wrestling nerd all the time.
  3. Lol in Spain there aren't wrestling fans above the age of 11 . Well yeah just one and its me .
    It would be cool to hang out with your frens and talk about what happened on raw last night...
  4. It's a taboo subject here, though there are a lot of fans. People here think it's satanic to like wrestling, and it's only for guys. It's really hard for us girl fans. People think we're lesbos all the time, and some guy fans think that we only watch wrestling for the hot guys (only part of the reason hehe. :emoji_grinning: But srsly, some girls just watches wrestling to see the "wonderful thighs of Randy Orton" and the "perfect beach body of John Morrison" and I hate those kind of girls.).

    This is because people are too traditional here. I hate this place. ://
  5. Who told you it isn't "bad" to be a wrestling fan in the US? If you are over the age of 13 and tell the average person you are a wrestling fan that will definitely give you an awkward look
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  6. It's pretty universal to be honest.
  7. The fact the WWE sell out arenas everyweek and are always with the armed forces or celebrities etc the stigma just seems less compared to other countries.
  8. Just because we have gobs of dorks doesn't mean you aren't considered a dork for liking wrestling.
  9. Fair enough it just seems less of a stigma hence the thread to try and find out how it is viewed in different areas of the world.
  10. It's the exposure. WWE was HUGE in the UK when it was on Channel 4, Sky one, Sky Sports etc etc but now it's tucked away at 1am on Sky Sports and it's a bit"you still watch that??"
  11. There's a stigma with pro wrestling and I can't for the life of me figure out why. You would think something that is such a large venue of entertainment for people throughout the world (not just counting WWE, which itself has been a global phenomenon for years, but also other companies) would carry more respect for it than it does. It's not like it's something that just a tiny small percentage of people enjoy, at least in comparison with other things that are said to have large fanbases. It's arguably the world's oldest sport and oldest forms of entertainment that there's been, with millions and millions of fans worldwide. It's set certain records for ratings and attendance at different points for goodness sake.

    What's especially frustrating is that some actually still think the bunch of us still believe that wrestling is real. These idiots pop up on Youtube a whole lot.

    I wouldn't say the hate is completely universal, though. Wrestling is much more respected in Mexico and Japan. But it's a different culture there, obviously.
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  12. You know something, When someone says "How can you watch that?" I say the following:

    "You watch Eastenders, Coronation street etc? Imagine that but with more realistic drama and fights that look real....Now, How can you watch the crap you watch?"
  13. That's really what it comes down to, people watching athleticism and the like that happens to be part of an otherwise scripted and pre-determined show like any other drama on television. I don't see the cause for snickering at it, is it much different than Broadway? People playing fictional characters and letting the drama of something play out, only doing so in front of a live audience?

    The thing is, real sports isn't really different. Yeah, real sports is real, but the people who watch it, either in the audience or sitting at home on television, still watch it for entertainment purposes. I mean, of course they do, the only reasons you watch anything is for either education purposes (some program on the History channel, for example) or for entertainment purposes, and I don't think anyone believes they'll walk away from sports feeling more educated. Yet sports is considered to be one of the most regularly watched things worldwide in some form.
  14. Yeah it used to be awesome to watch wrestling, but that's changed, now it's not as popular. I must admit that I don't get crucified for it as much as I used to. I even got some of my bitche- I mean female friends to watch it, although they're all marks. Which is kind of ironic because they criticized it for being pre-determined.
  15. I agree with Lockard I dont understand why ppl are so against it as like Broadway or Soaps its no different probably more athleticism as well. Also regards real sports well ok wrestling is pre determined but if you look at how much fixing apparently goes on in certain sports etc it aint much different lol.
  16. Probably because it is viewed as being a lot more childish than broadway, which it is to a large degree.

    Soaps is the best thing to compare it to. It is more acceptable for women to watch Soap operas, but they are still made fun of for it to a certain degree. Same thing for older guys and wrestling. Nobody is going to crucify you for it, but expect to catch some shit.

    Women who watch Soaps know they are cheesy and over the top, and they would tell you as much. Same thing with wrestling fans.
  17. Yeah, it's pretty bad here.
  18. It also might have something to do with "guys in underwear play fighting".
  19. I openly admit i watch it and get alot of stick for it, mainly because its "fake" or "oiled up men" But like mentioned earlier i say well they are just acting?
    They will sit and watch a match with me and be like awww thats so fake... but its live dude if emmerdale was live it would be still shit.
    You will be amazed how many people do watch it but dont ever admit it haha... I personally do not care
  20. I find it funny how everyone just says wrestling is fake lol but when they have edgy characters or something people complain.
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