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  1. Have you watched last night's ep yet?

    This shit is classic


    "I'm just trying to be a glass half full kind of guy!"

    "You're going to have an ass half full... of prison dick!"
  2. What is this show? Sounds hilarious.
  3. Haha watching it a second time right now. "we all have big dongs" and "holding onto my 9inch lapdog, and it must be the truth, because i am also under oath"


    Crayo, a big bowl of ass salad. Pirate bay is your friend, search EZTV.
  4. This might have been Adam's best episode. He was killing it in court.

  5. Sierra Nevada sausagefest, bring on the dudes. One of the best episodes by far, Adams suit is so great.
  6. Speaking of aids:


  7. Watching it again. this is too good

    "ohhhh God.. Blake's right. His American idol hairdo, your dorseness.. my pecs, my hammies...... MY GLUTES MAN. THEY'RE JUST WAITING FOR A GOOD DICKING!"


    Don't be shy dudes, come over and take a picture with the picture of the chupacabrat! We got one picture for ten, two.. pictures.. for five. So uh just take two, it's a cheaper deal.
  8. That pool suit was amazing. I'm totally doing that this summer, just need to figure out who is going to be the one stuck above the water.

    The nipple of your dreams, is my nipple of your nightmares.
  9. It goes Nipple, dick, pussy, butthole.
  10. [​IMG]

    Ordering next week.
  12. not sure as i live in merica. Piratebay buddy.
  13. Almost 200 views from the vag crowd spending time just browsing. Watch Workaholics and post, or GTFO. Why?
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