ATTN: Crayo- please post what you think is going down on Raw ITT

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, May 8, 2012.

  1. You posted this in the discussion thread hinting that you have a hunch about what the summer storyline will be. I'm sure we would all love to hear your hypothesis
  2. Oh thanks for reminding me.

    If you watch RAW closely, you'll see Ace is screwing everyone. I have a feeling we'll have a team vs team match at Summerslam. Sheamus and Show were both screwed last night (Show had to apologise like twice? Completely embarrassed), they played on their emotions after Ace screwing them. Sheamus ofc is in a fatal four way - screwed (kayfabe wise).

    Team Ace vs Team Blabla I think might happen. If Ace loses he's out of power.
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  3. They will probably find some reason to take Ace out of power since he is so awesome and basically the only thing worth watching atm--- we aren't allowed to have nice things so WWE will take it away from us.

    I'm sure HHH will be involved somehow
  4. I was thinking something like that was going to happen, Johnny forming a stable and screwing people left and right, seems possible. I'm certain that HHH will be involved in the match, considering his tendency to get involved in any storylines that are good and make it about him. Team HHH vs Team Ace at Summerslam with control over WWE on the line? I can see that.
  5. Wow. Crayo for philosophe! :boss:
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