News AUDIO: Ryback Fires Back at CM Punk for Colt Cabana Podcast Comments

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Dec 4, 2014.

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  2. He said every right thing he had to. Ryback is either an extremely nice guy or really, really smart(maybe both?). Either way I'm impressed, I became even more a fan of the big guy
  3. Ryback handled that really well. I respect him even more now.
  4. Ryback is a freak of nature.. Lifting weights at 12 years old.. personally I don't think he's a steroid guy, he used some over the counter supplements but nothing too injecty. The failed test was due to one of those over the counter supplements giving out false readings and it was taken off the shelf shortly after he had been suspended by the WWE.
  5. What a little nerd. Hope his push disappears again.
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  6. I love Punk, but he can be such a complainer at times. But Ryback responding like this was very professional, he handled it really well.
  7. He handled it like a bitch. An ugly one at that.
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  8. Okay, then. To each his own.

    Ryback kept his cool and handled this professionally, in my opinion. Then again, maybe Vince has something to do with Ryback not going off on Punk, but we don't know that. We don't know WWE's story and I doubt we'll ever hear from 'em about Punk's departure.
  9. I agree with everything he says. He's rocking the face character now and probably put that over in interviews after the nonsense from twitter before. Ryback rules, and it's far from an imagination that Punk blames everyone but himself for his situation.
  10. That was cool, it sounded as if Ryback was on the verge of tears but I guess that's just how he talks.
  11. Gotta love da big guy. Class act :happy:
  12. Like Punk's comments were the first time we've ever heard of Ryback being rough in the ring. And saying that he was "disturbed" by Punk's comments? lol What a sissy.
  13. Those Ryback vs Punk matches sucked. That's all i know
  14. Did anybody notice this sign on this past Monday night's episode of RAW? :happy:
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