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  1. Is now one of my favorite older groups.

    Audioslave and Pink Floyd, are my two favorite rock groups ever to exist.
  2. I love you :yay: Audioslave is beast group. If I remember the group formed when Zack left Rage Against the Machines, and they got Chris Cornell of Soundgarden to take the lead singer position. That was a respectful move to rename the band, and they were an amazing group. One of my favorites is Like a Stone. The good thing on it's own on having Chris Cornell as lead singer is they are able to make a different sound of music since he is able to be on a rhythm guitar, and Tom Morello is one of the best guitarist today, so that combination is great on it's own.
  3. Very well said.
  4. Audioslave is a boss group but I cannot agree with you calling them an older group. They existed from 2001-2007 so they are quite modern. :jericho:

    One of their all time best songs.

    It was also in Audioslave that the foundation for what would become Morello's solo project the Nightwatchman was finalized.

  5. 2001 was 11 years ago.. I was like 7 :dawg:
  6. Depends, their sound was a mixture of Soundgarden who was part of the Grudge movement and active from 1984-1997(before reforming a couple years ago) and Rage Against The Machines were active from 1991-2000. 2001-2007 in time self is modern I suppose though, but their sound was more towards the last decade.
  7. Sound should not define if they are a older group or not, the era they were active in or started in should. Example: There is quite the successful poodle rock/ glam rock band called Heat over here in Sweden. They formed in 2007ish and play a sound that was founded/made big time in the 80's. They are not an old group though.
  8. The name is a new era, but the musicians are old.. Their style of music was being played before the name was thought of..

    @[Stopspot] Steven Tyler is back doing music now by himself, I suppose that makes him new too?
  9. No. If you read my above post a musician or band is classed as old or new depending on when they started. When it is a group I myself go from when the band formed. Audioslave might consist of RATM members and Cornell but together they became a new unit. Audislaves lifespan had nothing to do with RATM or Soundgarden.

    Steven Tylers career stretches from when he started his original solo career to now. Tyler as a solo artist is an old act. If he formed a new group I would go from when it was formed.
  10. :isee: valid point.
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