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  1. TNA Just posted this...

  2. That's strange as fuck. I hope this doesn't get spoiled for me before hand, I'm interested. I love debuts/returns.
  3. Well that was interesting, I wonder who It is.
  4. Body shape says Shelton Benjamin, Hardcore Holly or Low Ki to me.
  5. Probably Sting somehow.
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  6. "I run the main event mafia, but now I also run the August 1st Al Qauida and we will go to war with the mafia!" Sting vs Sting for BFG.
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  7. I would be happy with any of those, tbh.
  8. If Ki is up to playing fair I'd be up for him (He had a bad run where he stiffed/shooted a bunch of indy matches in 2011-2012 because he didn't want to put people over). Shelton would be cool, but unlikely since he's in the G1 Climax in Japan.
  9. [​IMG]

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  10. Tyson Tomko...He talked about Solving a problem.
  11. Will probably be released by August 2.
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  12. It could be a resigned Gallows. Coming for personal justice.
  13. I'd say Tyson Tomko or Low Ki. It would be cool if it were Goldberg though.
  14. It's been forever since I've seen this :yay:
  15. It's WWE anonymous cam
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  16. Nick Hogan! That explains all the firings! They have to pay him $50000/appearance
  17. Who cares, they'll be fired a week after anyway.
  18. Super Dragon.
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