News Austin Aries released!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The Reagmaster, Jul 7, 2017.

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  3. It seems like it was his decision.
  4. Uh what? He could have been a lot bigger than he was. Either way, he'll go back to doing his thing on the indies.
  5. Never was WWE potential. Belongs on Indies along with the majority of the cruiserweights
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  6. Man, first Dixie Carter appears on WWE and now this, today is a lot crazier than I expected
  7. >A world class athlete and talker
    >Former 3 time World Champion
    >Forced into the cruiserweight division
    >Only on pre-shows
    >39 Years Old

    And any of you are genuinely surprised by him asking for his release?
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  8. WHAT

    Reports are he was unhappy with being in the cruiserweight division

  9. Wow...

    May-be GFW will announce a new signing shortly?
  10. Hope so! He probably has a non compete clause though
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  11. He wasn't being used well and worked mostly pre-shows so I could understand the frustration. Probably going back to GFW but seeing him in the IWGP Junior heavyweight division would be cool.
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  12. This is random. Anyway, let me collect my thoughts...

    I'm as big of an Austin Aries fan as anyone... you won't find a better moment for me than his win at Destination X 2012. I consider him to be the best TNA X-Division and best TNA Heavyweight Champion of all time... but he seems like a poor fit in WWE 2017. Even from day one, when he was announced as coming in and got some buzz before SHINSUKE NAKAMURA came in soon, and then we heard buzzing of a "big debut on NXT tapings!!" and it's Aries and not Nak... then the lackluster Takeover matches, orbital bone break, the star of the 'Mania... pre-show...

    He's a great wrestler and a quality talker. Awesome talent. But... WWE's talent roster is so good right now that he feels like another guy. He's great and all, but did anyone really scream for an Austin Aries push like they did when he was X-champ? Over Cesaro, or Balor, or Rollins... The storyline support wasn't there - a la Bryan - but it feels like that's what you need to stand out nowadays...

    I'm glad he got his Mania moment and the great feud with Neville, good luck in the future bro
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  13. I saw a picture of him with a wicked Eye injury. What happend there? It looked Painful!
  14. Nakamura kicked the soul out of him. That was a while ago though.
  15. Talk about P.a.i.n.f.u.l! Yikes! He's Lucky he didnt loose it. Thats the second worse injury I've seen Since Nitro getting his face busted open by the ladder.
  16. WWE is stupid.

    This is another example of having great talent and letting it go to waste, making the wrestlers themselves feel underutilized, and just being a piss poor company. They still make their money and that is all that seems to matter these days...

    WWE is the Walmart of wrestling.
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  17. [​IMG]
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  18. Did you read Marcus Louis' thoughts recently? Surprised that didn't get a thread.
  19. No I haven't I will look at it. Must be unhappy too I would imagine.