Austin Aries (#TGMTEL) Chooses Option C?

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  1. Austin Aries posted the following comments on his official twitter account this afternoon, regarding his decision to relinquish the X Division championship in order to challenge Bobby Roode for the world title at Destination X:

    Thoughts?:obama: Somehow keeps the X Title whilst still going vs. Roode?
  2. He will probably defend the X-Div belt to open the show and then go after Roode's belt in the ME. Champ @ life
  3. Unify the belts?


    If you're face of the forum then i want to be the heel. I've got some work to do.
  4. Not even going to try to predict this. But if he has some dirt on Hulk that he wouldn't want exposed, I'd mark like a schoolgirl.
  5. You really never know with Austin Aries, he's too great.
  6. Maybe he has some dirt on Roode? Or he probally has a plan to be number 1 contender or something
  7. He's a face. He won't have dirt.

    But he is a genius and weasel, so it can be everything tbh.
  8. A-double's a weasel? :burns:

  9. How dare you call TGMTEL a weasel. I'm surprised you are still alive, I would have expected you to be struck down with a bolt of lightning upon uttering some blasphemous shit like that.
  10. Who do you think Austin Aries is? Triple H?

    But Testify, anything's possible, the new creative regime likes to blur the lines between face and heel as well, they just know how to do it without giving the appearance of the entire company having their collective heads up their asses. :boss:
  11. [​IMG]

    Noob. I meant more like a fox, lol.

    Triple H in TNA thread?:facepalm1:

    I like what they're doing with what you said about heels and faces. It's true in life in general. Everybody has their demons and ugly things, there's no clear all around GOOD guy. There's a dark side in everone (InB4D'ZMakesAJoke). Just my humble opinion. I like their approach to it tbh.:obama:
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  12. Only another hour or two and we get to find out. TNA TNA TNA.
  13. Turns out the Option C was the great one for the X Division. Kudos.
  14. off topic: James Storm in that gif with Ray look so chubby. :laugh:
  15. Well played, Aries; well played.
  16. [​IMG]
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