Austin comments on way WWE introduces new talent

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Feb 2, 2013.

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  1. The Rattle Snake seems to have a pretty methodical idea of how to introduce someone. I like it, if you are to give someone a rocket push. Make sure they know what they are doing.

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  2. All great points but they will fall on deaf ears.
  3. The guy talks sense. I just wish WWE would listen to him.
  4. He is right wwe push talent way too quick,Look at Riley he was given a big angle and was too green and has faded into obscurity
  5. Well, of course. The more experienced the guy is the less chance of him making a mistake there is, and WWE puts them in complicated situations, yes. Agree with Steve.
  6. yea agree with steve austin :-)
  7. I think The WWE has done extremely well with Ryback. It seems that every point Austin made, they are doing with Ryback. They protected him and made him look strong a couple of times. HIAC, RR entrant number 30.

    They have messed up others though :sad1:
  8. Indeed they have. To Austin's point, the guy was still very green when he got his big push (TV green, doesn't matter how long he's been wrestling, since his other run was one or two months as Skip Sheffield on Raw and NXT is not really much pressure), and they keep making him a big deal and all. Still think his push went wrong.
  9. I agree with Austin. He's made some good points as when I wrestle with my little brother I find it much easier to just make it on the spot than pre-rehearse. But, then again it's much more safe to know beforehand.
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