Austin: "Mania was average until Taker/HHH"

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Apr 20, 2012.

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  1. Completely agree with him. Good read.
  2. I also agree. When you think about it, WM was just about OK until the End of an Era Match. Just... just awesome. Five star match for me.

    The DB thing is a big point, as well. I was pretty sure it was going to be a great match and all, but... yeah. Good thing he's more over than Sheamus now. Take that, WWE.

    I'd be interested in another Austin match if he's in condition to work. Probably against Punk, but if it's someone else and the build up is good I'm OK with it.

    He also stated that the only true, true main eventers currently in WWE are Cena and Lesnar. And by main eventers he ment those guys who are stars to another level. I agree with the fact that we need more people on that position. Make someone go over Cena cleanly, WWE! It'll not hurt. Unless you want to stick only with Cena when Lesnar leaves, just like Rock (both may come back in the future, but they won't be fully active ever again) and have one "draw".

    As far as his new movie and the style of movies he wants to work, I couldn't care less. I hardly ever watch movies and certainly don't watch his, so... I don't care. But it's good he likes his current work.
  3. He is right - the first hour or so of Wrestlemania 28 was awful. But I would have loved to hear his comments on the Rock/Cena match.
  4. I think I'm the only person in the world who didn't jizz my pants for the Taker/HHH match.
  5. Even if you didn't it was the best match on the show by a country fucking mile.

    Tag-Team match was pretty awesome too
  6. Add me in there as well. I respected it as a match and it was 4* I would say, but it didn't entertain me as much as Rock/Cena. The result was far too obvious for the HIAC.
  7. How long was that tag team match given? 8 minutes? I enjoyed that match more than HHH/Taker. As far as it being by far the best match on the main card.. I guess.. there wasn't even another decent match on the card besides Jericho/Punk, and that was a pretty big disappointment for most, but I'll take those few good sequences over the chair shot finisher fest. I understand people go gaga for the storytelling and psychology of the HHH/Taker match, but to me it was just a slow paced boring match with an obvious outcome. The HBK interactions were retarded, they didn't use the cell so the match stip. was pointless, and the only selling point was 'Will Taker lose?!?!' which I never thought he would. Not for a second.
  8. It was overrated for me in a way. It was great, but not "one of the greatest matches ever" great like a lot of people said it was.
  9. Psychology can carry a match, and it definitely had that, it was better than their last encounter anyway. Sure it wasn't technically amazing, they're old we can expect that and of course it'll be overrated by WWE (like last years was), but I have to admit I marked the most during that match and was more excited during that than any other on the card. I think HBK played his role perfectly.
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