News Austin no shows

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Apr 2, 2015.

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  2. Vince vs Austin @ WM 32 confirmed.
  3. Austin is gonna show up with the beer truck and spray down Hunter, Vince and Steph.
  4. Don't forget it's PG so forget the beer, more like a fire truck.
  5. Forget the the fire truck, it's gonna be one of those battery powered jeep cars you ride on the sidewalk.
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  6. Still too dangerous, I'm thinking more of a prius.
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  7. Naw mate that's spooky for kids. I was thinking of him riding on the shoulders of Barney
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  8. What did they want to have Austin do at Mania? Something on screen?
  9. Meltzer says he was supposed to have some form of role, maybe he was supposed to be in the Rock's spot, who knows?
  10. I seriously doubt that lol. Rock is from the Bay Area and way more popular in 2015.
  11. Maybe he was just going to do Access stuff.

    Really curious as to what caused this. Vince complaining about podcast stuff I could see but really not sure why Austin would be mad (if he is).
  12. When was the last time Austin has been on tv? Seems ages ago.
  13. If it was just Access stuff I can't see "Vince being madder than ever" or however they put it. That's the only reason I'm thinking they had a role for him or why is Vince so butt hurt? On the other hand if they had an on air appearance for him why would Austin no show.

    Mania 30
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  14. Hm. You do make a good point. No idea why Austin no showed.
  15. Part of the issues is likely that Vince wants to put restrictions on Austin's podcast and Austin isn't obliging, just like the report says.

    Good for him no-showing either way. I can't imagine that they would have had anything interesting or productive for him to do on-screen considering how loaded the show already was, and I shudder to think of the possibility of bringing him in just so he could show up and chant YES along with Bret, Flair and the others backstage when Bryan was being congratulated for his Intercontinental Title win (at this point, such a thing wouldn't shock me.) Maybe he would have shown up at the end and told everybody that they should go and celebrate by "drinking some damn beer" (read that in Austin's voice, if you will) instead. That would have still been weak but acceptable.

    No way someone like The Rock was brought in as a last-minute replacement for Austin, especially given he was already 'promoting' Wrestlemania 31 in his own way when he hosted SNL the night before. Plus, they've recently teased/planted the seeds for a future program between Rock and HHH once before already: what happened at Mania involving Stephanie and Ronda looks like it was just further teasing a possible final encounter between Rock and HHH sometime in the near future while also setting up a possible program between Stephanie and Rousey (or a mixed tag team match involving all of them together) as well.
  16. Steve Austin Reportedly Turns Down Tough Enough, Backstage Talk On His Problems With Vince McMahon

  17. When the hell will their feud really end?

    And what did Austin say that pissed vince off??
  18. John Cena Sucks?
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  19. Lol.

    And vince said, "let's go Cena"
  20. It'll be Kool Aid.
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