Austin Reacts To Punk Walking Out

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lockard 23, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. What's funny is that if Punk returns eventually and there's any chance of Punk/Austin still happening in the future (there isn't imo), then this is yet another similarity between them lol. They can both say they "took their ball and went home" at one point (Austin technically did it twice.)

    Austin should definitely interview Punk on his podcast ASAP. Would be interesting to see Punk vent his frustrations a little to someone who's been in his same position before.
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  2. I would enjoy hearing Punk on Austin's show.

  3. This was the same episode were Austin shot on Bieber, Priuses and Barry Manelow as well :lol1:
  4. Gotta love Steve Austin... greatest Attitude Era star! He's right though.. it was bad timing on Punk's part. He should have sucked it up and stayed til his contract was up in July. But only he knows the reason he truly left.
  5. I think when Punk's contract is up in July he will let rip on the company by speaking out like on Austin's podcast
  6. I think Punk will return and will sign a new contract in July.

  7. Austin > Punk though :true:
  8. The difference between the 2 are that Austin is the biggest star ever, and can get away with it. CM Punk dipping isnt a huge deal, and if he comes back in a year or two he is upper midcard max.
  9. Austin = 100%fuckaduckright
  10. Agreed. I'd be very surprised if this even lasts until mania.
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