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Young gun Austin Theory’s mistake wasn’t stepping to a pissed off Tommaso Ciampa on Wednesday night (Feb. 19). He shot his shot, got dropped... live and learn. But Theory went back after Ciampa as he was trying to leave, and that was when he got thrown back and forth across the Full Sail ramp. It was also when he landed on Matt Camp’s NXT Injury Report.

WWE had to get a bit creative with the Report this week, since they’ve already announced Ciampa vs. Theory for next Wednesday, and used a fallout video to set-up a match in the not-so-distant future with the other guy on the list for this week. The details on Lio Rush - who came up short against Jordan Devlin this week and then got into it with the guy Devlin put on the Injury Report two weeks ago, Tyler Breeze - is basically that his face is currently too swollen for doctors to tell if anything’s broken.

Check out the video, and a list of what was covered:

  • Lio Rush (further examination once symptoms subside) - possible fracture of his nose and orbital bone
  • Austin Theory (treated) - back contusions and spasms

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