Austin vs. Brock???

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by edge4ever, Jun 2, 2015.

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  1. After watching the podcast, I'll admit that it gave me chills. If Stone Cold returned for one more match and fought Brock on the grandest stage of them all, I don't think I could contain how awesome that Mania would be. Granted I know this was a podcast and may not mean a damn thing, but Paul and Austin were selling the potential match very well....and having 2 verbal geniuses like Austin and Paul going to toe to with each other for the build up to this match would be simply stunning, no pun intended.

    Do you think that this match is possible? And if so, do you think Austin could pull off one last match? Honestly I'm not sure if they'd book Brock to beat him....the crowd would be in an uproar, because as big as Brock is and has become, Austin is will always be bigger, especially in Texas. I can see it taking like 4 or 5 stunners but I believe he can pin Brock.

    Please give your insights.
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  2. I can see Austin having just one last match, but doubt it'll be with Brock. Dude needs to take care of his neck, and I'm sure a match with Lesnar will be too physical.
  3. I don't have much to say, besides... This would be epic and I'd love to see it!

    But, right now, it's just wishful thinking.
  4. Yes, can't wait to see 7 stunners and 6 F5s with Meltzer giving it ****3/4 and beanie-hat-wearing douchebags calling it best match ever.
  5. Well you're being a bit extreme, but if Austin can pull off one last match, I see this being very good. Lesnar would have to carry the match, but the build would be crazy.
  6. I guess I don't get the point of Paul mentioning it then. I mean and Austin got into character and didn't seem to be kidding. Like he was cutting a promo at the end of his show.
  7. Well if he comes back and the match isn't physical, people will hate it and not see the point.
  8. When you let Lesnar carry a match, you end up with multiple F5 kickouts.
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  9. Could've been a work, but it could've been a joke, also. I guess time will only tell.
  10. Brock Lesnar has been the one guy in these past few years who I'd love to see face Austin more than anyone else. I don't know if stepping into the ring with a 300-pound human gorilla like Brock would necessarily be the best thing for Austin as far as his physical health was concerned, but if he feels confident he can survive a match with Lesnar, then perhaps he can. The decision is all his.

    As far as who would go over, I think Austin winning is pretty much the guaranteed outcome no matter who he faces. It'd be his first match in thirteen years, it's in his home-state of Texas, and it's the biggest Wrestlemania of all time where they'll no doubt want a happy ending. Austin whooping ass and drinking beer one last time is exactly the way you can expect it to play out.

    That said, I think Austin returning to the ring next year is still very dubious at best. He'll likely end up as either the special referee for the main event or as the guest host of the entire show or something.
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  11. lol and? In this instance, it would be good.
  12. It's not going to happen,and if it does, the match will be awful.. Austin is old and has had many neck issues in the past, he's not capable of having a solid match with Lesnar.
  13. If they're not fighting then what's the angle here?
  14. Oh, and JR needs to do commentary for the match, too. Really, JR should be brought in to do commentary no matter what match Austin wrestled, but I especially don't want the other geeks calling a match the caliber of Austin vs Brock. (In fact, since they want to make this the biggest, baddest, and greatest and most historical Wrestlemania ever, why not just have JR do commentary for the entire show this one last time?)
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  15. That would be amazing. Two badasses (three if you count Heyman) going at it at the show of shows. I don't know if it would be good for Austin's health, though. As we all know he has a history of neck injuries, and it wouldn't be a Lesnar match without throwing somebody onto the back of their head.
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  16. Agreed, I mean WWE always brings people back. Let JR come back for for all of mania. And let him lead the whole stone cold match.
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