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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by edge4ever, Sep 30, 2014.

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  1. Hey All,

    After watching Raw this past Monday, I am amazed at how many matches (lately, especially) end up in DQ. This seems to only happen when dealing with the Authority as well. I don't understand how WWE can't come up with anything besides ending a potentially good match in a DQ. I understand that the Authority is supposed to be the "bad guys" and will do anything to get the upper hand on their opponents....but this is insane. Cena and Brock ended in DQ. The Raw after this, 2 matches with the Authority ended in DQ. This week, the main event was's boring and reminds me of some NWO bs. The Authority just runs in on any match and attacks....doesn't care about DQ.....and we see the same crap week in and week out....

    I'm not saying that they don't do anything interesting with Rollins or Ambrose, I'm stating that this DQ fest is ridiculous and totally lacks any fashion of creativity. I know WWE hasn't been too creative for years....but does anyone share a similar belief that the Authority is getting really stale as of late, mainly because of crap like constant DQ's?
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  2. You nearly hit the nail on the head: The NWO.
    The Kliq consisted of Triple H, HBK, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman, right?
    Since the NWO featured 3 of those men it isn't inconceivable to believe their booking philosophy isn't all that different between the 5 of them.
    In other words, if Kevin Nash felt inconclusive finishes were appropriate then Triple H would probably be in favor as well.

    It's a theory. DX was known for politicking and favoring themselves above all. Triple H is responsible for all talent and believes this is the best method.
    If Vince really has handed Triple H the hammer, this may be the philosophy the latter chooses to employ: Heel group = power group.
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  3. I think I said basically the same thing a few days ago. Getting old.
  4. I mentioned it in the LD last night. It reeks of 1999 nitro main events. DQ every week. Turrible.
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  5. yeah, I just don't get it.....I don't mind an occasional DQ from the Authority seeing as that has to happen sometimes.....but it's all the time....on Raw, Smackdown, PPV's...whatever. Hate that shit.
  6. Hell, if Triple H really feels this way, more power to him. However, don't end everything in ultimately will make your group look weaker if they can't get a fucking pinfall to save their lives.
  7. The difference with NWO is that they were always whipping people's a**es.
    In WWE, DX (the original incarnation) was always getting their a** handed to them.
    It isn't exactly the same as NWO. The Authority not being able to score a pin-fall isn't a bad thing in HHH's eyes (original DX).

    I'm not in favor of constant run-ins. It does reek of WCW Thunder. TNA is booking better main event shows as the Empire is far too sterile and formulaic.
    On a positive note, Dean Ambrose is coming out smelling like roses. If this is the case, the long term benefits outweigh the short term annoyances.
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  8. This doesn't really bother me much at all. It gets old but to be fair, the grand majority of matches on Raw, Smackdown and Main Event combined are disposable and forgettable anyway. I care much more about how the overall story develops rather than the specific finish of the match most of the time. Last night saw The Authority standing tall over Cena and Ambrose after they laid them out, that's enough for me. Although it wouldn't have hurt if Orton had picked up a 'clean' pinfall victory by hitting Cena with a surprise RKO while Cena was too busy with either Kane or a distracting Rollins.
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  9. Well, yeah, I mean who doesn't care more about the overall story as opposed to every event that lead up to the main fight? However, it would be nice if these top dog heels could actually pin (win) over their adversaries along the makes the whole story more appealing and believable if you ask me.....if Dean and Cena keep destroying the Authority to the point of them needed a DQ to escape....then at the next PPV, Rollins wins clean over looks ridiculous if you ask me.

    Just want them to change it up now and then. Have Orton hit that quick RKO for the win on Ambrose...something different.
  10. And here we go again......I just watched part of smackdown..and we had yet again another DQ from the same Randy Orton and Kane bs routine that we always see...fuck WWE!
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  11. So I rated Smackdown in the spoilers this week in honor of you: I rated it a DQ/10.
    I could've tagged you but figured I'd let you come on here and rant first. That's what forums are for, bro.
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  12. They have too much programming, thus their main eventers have to wrestle very often and can't get pinned that much so this serves to protect them. Granted it sucks most of the time, but it's what happens when you have like 5 hours of TV a week.
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    I don't see why you'd bother protecting Orton or Kane at this point lol.

    It would be better if they took a page out of the Ring of Honor playbook and created this environment where, even though the matches may not mean much, the wrestlers still care about winning them because of their pride. Rollins getting his stablemates DQ'ed sets that back so much

    But that's in a perfect world, right now I'm just siding with KLock up there
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  14. WWE doesn't care enough to add a good finish that can protect both (or more) guys. I was actually shocked that Roman Reigns v Seth Rollins ended without an interference or DQ.
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  15. Yes, I agree. I don't see why they'd have Kane in the main event, Mark Henry as a babyface, and sooo much more, so really, I was just pointing out what they probably think, not that it's what I'd do. :dawg:
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  16. Can understand because it suits the storyline, but the more I think about it, the more this is a triple edged sword.

    Babyfaces win, post match attack: "lol here's WWE overpushing babyfaces again, same old Cena crap smh"
    Heels win: "lol why are orton and kane winning matches in 2014"
    DQ finish: this thread

    and this is why I don't post as much :dawg:
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  17. I really don't mind the DQ finishes, as much as they can be annoying at sometimes when you really just wanna see how the match would naturally result at least they do DQs that make some sense.
  18. True. The smarks (we) enjoy complaining a lot. But hey, you know, they've booked themselves into this by having a top babyface people hate and, well, pushing Kane and Orton to the main event. :dawg:
    Plus, I didn't watch the match in question, but Ambrose was there, wasn't he? Could've pinned Kane. That I don't know why they didn't do.
  19. They may be keeping Kane's character strong because he is the first man Daniel Bryan will target once he returns.
    As for the 'top babyface people hate', John Cena makes them ridiculous money so it must be working.
    No matter how much any individual is hated, the only thing that matters is how much money they cost or bring in to the company.
  20. Oh it's 100% on the company and all the hours of programming. We may not like a Main Event like that and hate the old guard and how sick we are of seeing them, but I can't think of a better option. I have as much desire as you do to have Kane and Orton in the main event, but someone has to be there to job, right? But then again...

    Even with Ambrose being there and how he could have pinned Thing One or Thing Two, even that scares me a bit since you can't give faces too many wins nowadays without the fans turning on them, but Ambrose is surely a different story (see Bryan, Daniel)

    The match in question ended with Rollins running in and attacking Ambrose (after he hit Dirty Deeds on Orton for the "unofficial" win), then Ambrose attacked Rollins. Cena ran in like a house of fire and moved Ambrose out of the the way to attack Rollins, and then Ambrose did the same thing back, etc. Did a good job of what they wanted to get over which was "both of these guys hate Seth Rollins with a passion" so I guess we shouldn't be complaining about it... then again there's a reason you didn't bother watching it. :dawg:
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