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  1. Are we allowed .Gif avatars? I've tried several times but they all result as standard still images.

    I was wondering whats the take on this, and is there a reason we're not allowed .GIF images?
  2. I've seen gif images as avatars.
  3. i want a animation avatar
  4. None of mine work. It's a CONSPIRACY!
  5. Crayo the DICTADER stopped it.
  6. Did he? I'm not sure. I know some people have them, but everytime I try they don't work.
  7. I've never been able to upload them either but @[M.V.P] has before iirc.
  8. In order for you to upload an avatar, it HAS to be 120x150 or smaller. If it is not, than you can't upload it.

  9. Ah okay, thanks I know they upload but just as stills, that's for the information. Now just the task of finding one at that size...
  10. Can someone go test that? Mine have either been rejected or uploaded as stills.
  11. Just finished reading the full thread since Crayo tagged me.. lol

    Don't download .GIF images to your desktop, in order for you to reupload them and still be animated, you have to open up photoshop or an image editor, (Not paint), and save them as a web-based .GIF

    Other than that, I reccomend resizing your image with http://www.lunapic.com/ and saving it to the web via minus.com

    Hope this helped.
  12. That avatar looks like the fat guy is taking a cock up the arse from a tiny guy. :haha:
  13. Saving them to desktop or opening in PS and saving as a .gif makes no difference.... you can save .gif's when you save the image straight away.
  14. Maybe to you. :urm::dafuq::burns:
  15. Ok smart one, download a .gif, and upload straight to minus.com and come back here and tell me you can do what you said.
  16. Done.

    This is awkward.
  17. Thanks M.V.P.

    I've now got a .GIF.
  18. Welcome.

    @[Jonathan] screen cap it, because I don't believe you know the first thing about graphics.
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