"Average" indy talents that you are a fan of?

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  1. Are there any particular "average" (by average I mean mid card guys or guys that haven't really caught top indy steam yet) that you are a fan of? Feel free to note as many as you want. Explanations to why you think these guys will be big are welcome as well since I love the discussion.

    I'm a big fan of the following:
    Caleb Konley - good moveset, good look and is getting a nice shot in Evolve right now.
    Josh Alexander - Physical moveset, good look and great explosiveness in the ring.
    Ethan Page - The best guy around right now at playing a douchebag.
    Matt Taven - Entertaining as hell. I see good things for him in ROH.
    Andrew Everett - The next big high flyer.

    Who are yours?
  2. Matt Taven, Same reason as you....I'm enjoying him at ROH atm
    Also, If they Count The Colony from CHIKARA, They're...One of my Fav Stables....
  3. Of course the Colony is allowed. Seems like Green ant is going away (just the mask, the worker will remain, he's a worker now)
  4. I Haven't had a chance to see Wrestling Is.... yet. Shame CHIKARA is gone for now....I Hope it does come back.
  5. He's still Green Ant on Wrestling is shows. They had a youtube vid on the ashes website with Green and Fire looking for Soldier. They visited a house where they met a man in a wheel chair who you didn't see the face of. He gave Green a box with a costume in and told him "he's a worker now".
  6. :yay: A new worker ant!
  7. Tim Donst, Mr. Touchdown and Chuck Taylor needs some shout outs as well.
  8. Tim Donst for Sure, I enjoyed his thing he had with Gavin Loudmouth and Jacob Hammermeir...
    As for Mr.Touchdown, His Feud with Archibald Peck....I was watching one of their matches in which he grabs Peck's Injured Pigeon...Oh God...
    As for Taylor, Him and F.I.S.T as a Stable were brilliant. Gargano,Taylor and Icarus were great heels....
  9. Archie Peck is a ton of fun. Also SSB never get tons of love but they're great too.
  10. I think SSB sort of fell off the radar since they were exiled to Canada. They didn't have work visas and got caught (the border guard they had had a bad mood and didn't let them pass) so they cannot go into America to wrestle as often anymore since every time is a risk of getting caught now that its in the system. 2CW is working on getting them work visas though.
  11. Konley is a pretty decent worker from what i have seen.
  12. Biff Busick is going to get a shout out as well.
  13. Tony Nese and Silas Young are two guys who have caught my attention. Not only is Nese an immensely muscular athlete, he also moves around in the ring like a cruiserweight. Big fan of him, glad to see him starting up with PWG, and I hope we see him on national TV once again in the future. As for Silas Young, man has talent. Silas is a good wrestler. Good in ring skills. Decent mic skills. Wonderful gimmick. Can pull off good matches. He has impressed me so far.

    Notable mentions go to Ciampa, Elgin, Cage, Konley, AR Fox, ICMG, Gargano and Cole.
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