Award gone?

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Jonathan, Jun 22, 2012.

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  1. I had 6 last night. I now have 5. :annoyed:
  2. Xanth ate it.
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  3. Twitter is gone. :annoyed:
  4. Crayo has removed a few awards to clean things up.
  5. Damn you should have made have to tell us which one it was :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. In English please @[Crayo] :lol1:

    It's da Twitter one.
  7. Twitter and Stuck award are gone. Both of which I had. :downer:
  8. :sad:
  9. Award gone?
  10. You've still got an immense collection of awards. :burns:
  11. A few people did, even I did it's just to remove some as we had too many awards ruining the prestige to an extent. If we have 200 awards it's easier for people to gain them.
  12. Awards is probably the biggest feature here, along with statuses. I want them hard to get.
  13. It is hard alright but when you accept bets for awards then it will be spoiling it.
  14. I agree betting shouldn't be done for anything but upgrades.
  15. The award used for betting was just going to be the site competition one, which betting is (a site competition). But fair enough.
  16. If it is just one award for betting then you should keep it. I thought it was any random badge people could bet.
  17. No people tried betting things like BITW, I'd never allow that. The only reason Rock could bet Enthusiast is because he was going to get it anyway since he deserved it, lol.
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