Award: Ice cream bars

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Zamorakian, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. We want ICE CREAM BARS!


    Can i get any supporters for this award? I'm serious, we want ice cream bars!
  2. What would the award be for? Wanting Ice cream? It's too cold for them here.
  3. Coolest users can have this award.
  4. Cool idea for an award, but I can't think of any reasons to give it. Being cool isn't something an Administrator can decide. I doubt people would want to be given the cool award from some guy running a wrestling forum right? :input troll face here:

    Anyway, think of a good reason and I'll consider it :smile:
  5. A person who has brought change to the site? Whether it be HQ threads, referrals or some other super amazing reason I haven't thought of yet.
  6. HQ threads, referrals, both already awards. As for change I like that, but how? Suggestions, already an award.
  7. Unless it's for a collection of all the three with added work. Like the referral one it's for 5 refs right? Well make it 10 for this award. Like a second tier.
  8. Could work, though I still don't think it warrants its own award. I'm a big fan of each award having its own unique reason. Maybe for a "loyal" member. Let's say 5 months down the line and some of you "oldfags" as they say are still here, the loyalty award could be given out?
  9. What about a piece of cake?
  10. Wouldn't really tie in with the Ice Cream bar theme though. It could be like a kayfabe breaker award, for reporting alot of news reports I suppose.
  11. Hmm reason..."Having the most badass discussions, a badass member."

    I don't know where that reason came from, maybe the container.
  12. Someone make their own WWE Ice Cream and post a picture of it?
  13. Automated message: Suggestion has been denied.