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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Jonathan, Feb 24, 2013.

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  1. Award: [​IMG]

    Given for predicting a major event in WWE/TNA (that wasn't obvious or leaked that it was going to happen.)
    This could create a lot more discussion on storylines as people try to guess what's happening in the future.
  2. We should call it "The Electrician"
  3. lol Jonathan thinks he predicted Undertaker returning for WM by himself only and now he makes this suggestion thread. :lol1:

    As for the suggestion, there are way too many sites that either leaks those infos or at least gives an idea of what might happen. People (aka YOU) will just go to those insider sites and get those infos and say "OMGZ I RIGHT! I PREDICT THAT. GIB MAI AWARDZ NAO!" to get the award. Another case would be that it's gonna be hard to know who was the first one to predict it. Some might post about it in the discussion thread and others might post it somewhere inside any other threads. Sometimes people (you doing it for the Undertaker returning) would also try predict the obvious and think they're first one to predict it.
  4. I'm talking about something months down the line, not a week or so before it...

    Like: "I predict that Dixie Carter sells TNA to WWE and Vince fires every guy" or something like that.

    This has nothing to do with me saying Undertaker was going to return, that's pretty obvious.
  5. Months mean nothing. Those sites will still have some kind of details or given hints about what might happen months ago.. For example, The Undertaker vs CM Punk or Brock storyline was posted like 2-3 months ago and it looks like that's what gonna happen.

    And how do we know people won't steal the idea from other wrestling forums?
  6. Way too hard to keep legitimate. An award for good "Be The Booker" ideas could be good, but they have to have a decent number of them.
  7. Perhaps give it for getting every single prediction right in a prediction contest?
  8. Call the award creative and we're set.
  9. you should do this, I mean that's gonna be hard to get, Not sure if you'd include the tie breaker questions in that though.
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